I must, use Private with public traffic area business?

We have a pony. The Pony riding round is on a private road with public transport area, which belongs to us and our neighbors. Can I use this route yet commercially for the Pony Riders?

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You should clarify the status urgently. As an example of common law like such cases are described as in you at school. After that private way at a time may no longer be blocked because other a customary law has emerged. Whether this is true legally, I can not say it was in the classroom yes to a principle. And according to the principle then arises at once a Räumpflicht and liability and the cost of obtaining course.

So actually I always assumed that it is a pure private road. White now but if we tolerate the traffic (car, bike ...) implied there is a public footpath. There are no signs, barriers, etc. The neighbors we did not ask whether it is for him in order. Since there are more and more visitors and on the way a lot of people go with the ponies it finds the neighbor no longer think so beautiful. The road also leads right past the terrace of the neighbor. And the neighboring farms an agriculture and travels !! on these routes with large machines Can and the right to be taken to use this route as pony riding round ??

I would ask in any case with the municipality in order office, because if the neighbor on the other hand, it might otherwise be problems. I would describe there what you want to do exactly your there, at what times and in what amounts.

1. There are private roads and paths on which (with the acquiescence of the owner) takes place public transport. This is called private road public transport. If present, the road authority shall give its approval to the commercial use. Public transport, however, can alone be excluded by an appropriate sign.

2. There are purely private roads, for example, if a sign the use without the berms. Since you do not need authority to ask. However, the co-owner who after the declaration of division certainly have a say. Without their agreement that is certainly not permitted.

3. Dedication is a traffic area to public streets. They would have next to the National Road Administration and the Civil Engineering Department and Straßenbauamt surveys for a road Country special use. That's probably not the case with you but.

No, I think the private road has not been dedicated to the public. Do I have but again check. If he dedicated public may I use the way for commercial purposes? Even if my neighbor on the other hand is?

We have daily open from 09: 00-18: 00 The visitors walk there with the ponies !!

That depends on whether this private road has been dedicated to the public.

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