I need a dog name!

Hello I already have a dog and we thought about us for our dog to look for a mirror tracks. we have an English bulldog found. it is a bitch but unfortunately we think of a great name. please help us

The best answer

I find that to Bulldogs fit so easily stupid name (ie our Wilma) .... ie: Helga, Hilde, Chucky ....

An English Bulldog to play? Hope your first dog belongs in the same league temperament.

Wendelin, Darling,

There are infinitely many names as you find Lilli, Sophie or Lea

Twix, Milky, Sunny, Casy, Maggy, Cherie, Peach, Vanilla, Kira, Carly, Giny)

Perhaps here is something for everyone http://www.1001-hundenamen.de/

Google and Serve spits 10000000000000 name

Here is a selection:


Amy or Emi

English bulldog or dog

Had he Males had I gennant him Edgar: D

But since she is female .. maybe .. Cherry? or Minzy, Valentine, Marylin, Apple?

Ok no, that's terrible name ._. : P


Abigail - abbreviated Abby



Miss Piggie


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