I need help for Math! (Lambacher Swiss 8 S.200 No.3)

Heyyy, I'm learning for ne math test and not get ahead ... :( The question is P "The point P lies on the parabola Determine to this, the corresponding function equation." (1 | 3) was my idea, with y .. = 3 to start, because the slope is yes 3 and thus the parabola is stretched then I would just x ^ 2 attach, because the apex is not shifted So my consideration: y = 3 * x ^ 2 Can anyone confirm that someone ? Thanks in advance, LG Marvin :)

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You need at least a second statement, by a point only a parable is not defined. The approach I understand not ...

"In THE parabola" makes me suspicious. Not a parabola. So was there before anything else?

Here is exactly: The graph of a function with the function y = a times x ^ 2 passes through the point P (1 | 3). Determine the corresponding function equation ...

Let x, t ∈ ℝ. With t ≠ 0 t is a parameter in this example.

Then, the point P is (1 | 3) on each parabola of the form:

f (x) = T * (x-1) ² + 3

You therefore not only a solution to your problem, special uncountable many.

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