I need help with my dog

Dog runs with linen genial but without where he wants to do what?

The best answer

Clicker training and reward when it comes to you

Towline off and practice.

on the road, the dog should be on a leash, no matter how well he plays, he just needs time to get panic and runs front of my car.

That's probably pretty normal ... Rejoice if your dog is well on leash ...

If my dog ​​after some practice also fundamentally good available - then they may freely and without a leash run as they please ... Something is of course only in our familiar area, not when we are somewhere strange and certainly not somewhere along roads ...

to be Available you practice with your dog best with a towline to ... with patience and perseverance ...

Without leash that's the sense of the walk. If the dog obeys the full ok.

Visit dog school.

Commands antranieren such as "TO ME!" just look on youtube ....

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