I need in exams always longest ..

I need more time. I do not know how to continue. I learn a lot and understand the entire subject matter of the present in the work / is supposed to happen. However I in any work that is written, always pressed for time. I am always well prepared, the tasks can always solve well, because if I'm to have read it. I always write good grades, one of the best of the vintage. But I find it a lot lately difficult to have all operations and tasks. If I know that I have only 10 minutes left then I get a blackout. This happened to me just in my math and Eng work. In math I have a whole page can not edit. Not because I can not, but simply because I did not have time to process the tasks. The acts then on the notes: ((Can someone vlt give, as I because just like everyone else, I'm in the allotted time, to solve all tasks Someone tips..?

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Need a lot of time to read the questions and to understand or to revise them after that?

For the former: Read a few books, the more you read, the faster you'll therein.

For The latter: attempt already to consider when learning how much time you have for an object would then take the time to pure isotopes you. So you get more of a feel for it and learn to deal with the time pressure.

Good luck :)

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