I need some advice about my Spanish street dog bond build

Hello My dear dog friends, I have since 4 weeks a dog from Spain have been probably already born on the road must, and in addition to the 1.5 years inm shelter was not with people in contact. He is an amiable charming guy, but which is not really interested in us humans. He constantly begs for his freedom and I feel before all shabby. Does anyone have similar Eerfahrungen and or a few helpful tips for me?


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One can stray dogs educate like all other dogs and that takes consistency and patience. But it is precisely these dogs need their freewheeling and should get him. If your dog every day can enjoy his freewheeling and the commands learned, it will also build unto thee a bond which then comes automatically.

Believe me when he rauszuhegen begging not sufficient outlet is a dog of Spanish needs quite a lot of exercise, especially when it is large the bigger the dog you have to get out the more a bond to build it takes time, patience and a lot of affection, of course, include rewards also to. Hope I could help you: D

LG Skywolf

So it sounds stupid: our private trainer that specializes in stray dogs, has advised us that we need to teach our times Romanians nearby. So if you're standing somewhere and babbling with people that you einforderst its proximity.

The freedom you can give him the go walkies then every now and then.

But just as a street dog, he knows only freedoms. He now needs only times near learn ...

Describe it your dog closer look ...

understands no German, he barks even Spanish?

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