I need the perfect dog breed!

I need a family dog, which is not too large, so rather small and not waits, short fur has (very short) and is obedient, one can educate good! no hunting dog! something similar like boston terrier vll ... just for info that is not a hunting dog in spite of the name! the dog takes in one day in the week to 4 h commented walk without gassi, but it is still jmd at home, but this is one person my granny and the likes dogs not and do not want a std out with him, she is old and weak. every day he has to, but without causing harm min. 3 hrs stay at home !!!!!

thank you in advance

The best answer

Westis hair not (for all who want to write "they are doing it") - they lose about 20 hairs per year.

The WestinWORKOUT has short hair, if you trim it regularly or shears otherwise it will be long. He is very friendly and very quick learner. (Of course, the man must him the right to teach). can stay alone at home learn every dog ​​when richig makes and einübt from the start that.

Each puppy destroys things, that's just like that. One can minimize in which one makes the dog only a certain area freely accessible and, of course educates the dog properly.

In your case, it might be an older dog already, of all perhaps can.

Dogs who are not hair poodle or Labradoodle (a growth of poodle and Labrador).

The latter are very intelligent and friendly animals that are suitable even for people with allergies. I know a Labradoodle who helps a young woman in a wheelchair, who are really very docile. However, not cheap. Perhaps they are too big for your needs.

to bridge Four hours is not normally a problem, but you have the warden trained - if you want a puppy, then it takes a while to work reibunglos.

Whether the dog at home hires nonsense is Erziehungssache.

If not all people living in the household are in agreement with a dog, one should buy any!

There are dozens of races and countless hybrids that apply to your "description".

Every dog sheds. Short hair, I personally find even worse than a long time because they are stuck literally in the cushions and clothing. The only dogs that hardly lose fur, are hairless dogs (Qual breeding) and dogs with rauhaarigem fur. These must be trimmed regularly.

"Obedience" is a matter of education and no trait!

Define family dog. Our Mali-Bulldog Mix was an equally great family dog ​​as my first Chi-bitch or my "street rat". It depends on the character of the dog.

The Alone Stay must practice in one-minute increments.

What your parents ever say to a dog? You are 12 years old who cares about the dog, if you are in school? Or later, when you have a boyfriend, want to celebrate, an education doing / studying or move out?

If your parents want a dog, your grandma is in agreement (not bypassed or harassed!) And you, especially your parents, you have informed about the accounting, cost, education and particularly the responsibility, you can you can advise the shelter.

if your grandma does not like dogs, it becomes difficult. the bichon frize would be a small dog (-7kg) of does not shed, easy to train, not chasing and is intelligent and docile entprechend and go from your granny for a walk could be executed, because he just has these characteristics. but as I said, if not all agree with a dog, it makes no sense to create a, because in the end always the dog suffers.

every day he has to, but without causing harm min. 3 hrs stay at home !!!!!

then a puppy falls ever gone! A puppy can not let the first few months alone. Puppies need to get out every 2 hrs. And in between, as well as at night. Also has a puppy several times daily. Are fed and educated.

I would therefore recommend Shelters seek. There are many already behaved dogs, and certainly a case will be corresponding to your ideas!

Hello, if the dog from the beginning to be so, be sure to check it out at Toy's R US, which have something. Seriously, there is no housebroken puppy, so naming the shelter. The breeds or mixes it should be a small as a first dog. thinking Haste times a Maltese, small, cuddly and friendly. Your grandma does not have to go with de dog ne whole hour yes, if you which then ausgleichtst nem long corridor. Also, is the perspective later, then the animal might need three or four courses a day. And a puppy should learn Alleinesein. The best thing the Fellkneuel quartierst same one in the kitchen, it's also in the usual Schlafumgebeung if it must stay at home and times when things are as a puddle, it is not so bad (right Floor provided). To soften naturally Oma's heart a puppy would be better to work in women almost always. But talks before another, it is true that ALL the household / home can live with it and want. Leiden is otherwise including the dog. Sit, walk you can your animal then in one of the many dog ​​school or better to teach in the team (first bring you there with how to do that). Very important AN ANIMAL IS NOT A TOY, and so a dog is good times 14 - 16 years old. Can we ensure the care so long? A dog suffering from separation. Greeting Sirius

  • There is no dog of not haart.
  • Obedience is a matter of education.
  • A Terrier is a hunting dog.
  • 4 hours are generally for a trained dog is no problem, but that requires patience and education. The Join him previously teach only that can last.

Go Simply drop into the animal shelter and look around at the smaller dogs. Since you will certainly find.

Dogs with short hair hair meisst more than with Langen. But I can recommend in any case:

Short fur: Labrador retriever Long coat: Flat Coated Retriver

Both breeds from their own experience recommended

French Bulldogs are very very easy to care ..... super duly and most inconspicuous as a cat .... However, you have to animals with the poor expect vet bills .... and much farting :)

Since ALL dog hair comes ever just a stuffed animal into consideration. This also fulfills your other expectations

German shepherd dog.

Ignorance breeds.

Google times the characteristics of the animal. Good animal for everything. As a family dog, guard dog, workhorse who can do a lot.

Take a pug in these conditions

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