I need to find this one song!

And I hear at present very often a song on my job but I unfortunately never find the opportunity to open at the moment Shazam or whatever. It is in this song often times 'lay in the suuun, lay in the suuuun.' or something like that before and a place that I can hum only. I unfortunately do not know quite how to describe it properly. But I have a catchy tune and it annoys me totally when I get it out of my head. I hope deeply that someone somehow finds. Thanks in advance

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Do you think maybe "The Avener - Fade out lines"? Had to somehow remember when I read your question: D otherwise look here http://www.wieheisstdaslied.de/lieder-suche/ good luck :-)

I think it's definitely very amusing as you try nachzuschreiben singing

Perhaps Spiritualized - Lay Back in the Sun?

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