I now get herpes? o

Hello I just met with a friend what to adjust on their mobile phone, you had all the time their fingers on the mouth and has since made something later she wanted my lighter and had a laugh she had her hand with my lighter on her lips later than I wanted to go they told me that she has noticed this morning that she gets herpes When I think now I'm afraid that I get it, but when she did not even think erupted times Looked just getting started out more like a pimple and once because no bubbles were made where liquids come because it is cracked can because nothing happen right?

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It can as far as I know even be contagious when no bubbles are present. The chance is indeed lower than if you come with the liquid inside the bubbles in contact but possible, it is already. Think because you have no choice but to wait. If you feel a strange tingling sensation or itching, you kanns you so get a cream at the pharmacy and it lubricate advance. If you treat the infection early, it is not so bad and disappears again quickly

A herpes infection is transmitted by viruses and is contagious. Anyone who has had the virus, carries him his life in itself and has an increased risk that the bubbles also occur time and again. And it could really be that she has infected you with it - the viruses are very easily transmitted.

It would be best, you get yourself a special ointment which shortens the problem in the pharmacy. Of these, there are several good preparations which are comparable. But a few days you have to definitely do so.

The viruses are temperature sensitive. If you have any ointment available, you could be a clean cloth briefly in hot water and it pat. If more than 50 degrees have - but not burn, so please be very careful. If the lip is very swollen, you can carefully with an ice cube or a spoon on it pat and cool from the freezer compartment. Attention, the virus can be transmitted, so always after that thoroughly clean. Also, always wash your hands well with soap.

But it would be good if you ever would buy an anti-herpes ointment on stock you. So that you can always anoint the same when you realize that it starts. The bubbles announce themselves by strong tingling on the lips, and after a few hours dip the first bubbles on. The sooner to applying an ointment, the sooner the Biesterchen are gone.

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