I play with my dog ​​properly or does she still hurt?

Hey, I always play with my dog ​​unzwar so: I lay back on her and then I do my hand back under her. Then she wriggles around and tried to grab my hand (but not beist) is her mouth then open and sometimes makes it so a squeak not bark so barking a real dangerous. then runs away and lies down and so, we go all the time and when I stop it nibbles on her ball herrum again. Is this okey or I do the little hurt? It's like a fight but I play with my hand around and she tried her hand and mouth to snap. Is that okey?

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"I lay on her back, and then I do my hand under her back" I would not bring the dog in advance as the very first thing in such a position, subject only affects the bond. If the dog makes it voluntarily that's different. Finally, it is a young puppy. If your dog nips and bites, calm down which is perfectly normal puppy behavior. Your dog has just not yet learned the bite impediment towards people. Here unlearn a great link to.


I would not lie on his back, but his hand playing I find very good, so we play here, too ;-)

When her mouth angles are easy and ründlich, then everything will be in the green zone, they are tense and contract pointed backwards I would make a little pause, and then increases the excitation position and could bite sometimes take place a little arrogant. ;-) but certainly also because not malicious!

You should email the dog from the beginning to teach that your hand is not a toy and nothing to chew on it. If you want to jostle, take a towel or a rope. If the dog is so arrogant that he snaps at your hand, you should see the game rather interrupt. There are many ways, Černý is the chance the dog positively or promote spiritual at play.

Can indeed SEIB they joyful but wehn then wake it up and lies down in the basket and ignoring you ... just ask but mahl the veterinarian. Vlt she has what was in the back is what twisted oderso: D

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