I quit smoking. How long does my lungs until it again is clean?

Hey so I smoked about 4 years, so about 7-9 pieces a day, sometimes less. I am female and 19 years old. Yes, I'm not proud that I started to smoke 15 .. I am ashamed and wish I could undo doing .. well trying to quit since 12. 03.2015. Unfortunately, I was once weak, but since exactly 24 hours I have not smoked and will finally stop. How long does it take to process my lung has recovered and is like a Non smoking? And is that even possible? or remains my lungs forever damaged .. :( I wish I would have very NEVER begun.

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Anyone can fall times, just to get up one again.

Read this:

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So in a chain smoker for over 20 years will take the renewal to the 10-15 years ... with you besimmt minimum 2-3 years. But I am not 100% sure

it takes a few years, the lung will never be as before smoking

The is never perfect but it improves with time. But nice that you've managed to quit would be happy for you ghost

after 15 years the lung is back at the level of a nonsmoker

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