I really want to have a dog.! :-)

Hey, I wish already ziehmlich long a small dog example a zwergspitz because I do my homework after school, and I feel like it's boring, I have almost never plans and if I had a dog I'd stick VERY deal a lot with him. I live alone with my mom she works mostly from 12-19 pm when I am just at school to fit on the dog on until they have to go to work and it must then stop waiting only 1 1/2 hour ... generally, to teach dogs to wait a little, or should I not only think of a dog, I wish soo very one :-( I've also thought of only in the summer holidays to get me a dog so I him (if need be) train can wait .. Thanks for helpful reply :)

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... Out of boredom buy an animal? That can badly backfire - especially for the animal ... It is not evil intentioned, but you can guarantee that you're REALLY the next 10 - can take care of the animal 15 years? What if you have your first job, maybe pull in a private apartment and jmd. Get to know, the dog can not stand? And who bears the cost of feed, TA and care? An animal means a lot of responsibility ... Why not try your luck you and your mother first with a "dog care" - the dogs in the shelter are, for example, grateful for every minute that someone spends with them ... can here Gassi-go their and you could after school to play with the dogs ... also you advise the staff there, if you have any questions ... and then you can still see if you want you really set a dog ...


A dog is of course possible, BUT ...

Do you have enough time and money?

Allows your mother and your landlord?

Do you have the patience to train a puppy the housebreaking and everything else?

Should it a dog from a shelter or be the breeder, an adult or a puppy?

Überede your mother if not they convince!

Show your mother go and do as a presentation about dogs, go out every day for two hours in the time you'd walk images ...

I list once the price of a Norwich Terrier (26cm shoulder height and about 5-6kg):

Dog license: 60 € per year (each municipality anderst, so it is with me, for 'dangerous dogs' it costs more)

Food and treats: 35 € (pick definitely a food with lots of meat and little grain, not Royal Canin or something)

(Insurance: 30 €)

Vet: I would put monthly about 5 € return, an OP can sometimes cost around 1000 €

The 125 € without insurance € 95 and with insurance.

And then the acquisition cost:

Dog per se: 1800 € (if by breeders from the shelter about € 250-450)

Dog Bed: 30 €

Transport box: 30 €

Ceiling: about 5 €

Drinking / and food bowl: about 8 €

Collar / dishes: 30 € (for a very good)

Schleppleins: 15 €

Address Tag for Collar: about 1 €

Brush: € 15

Toy: 25 €

(Water bottle and food dish to take (eg for hiking): 15 €)

Leckerliebeutel (something where you are the treats purely for training): 5 €

Seat for the car: € 15

(Bicycle basket: 25 €)

A book about the race: approximately 13 €

A book about the behavior: 20 € (eg http: //www.amazon.de/Welpen-Anschaffung-Clarissa-von-Reinhardt/dp/3936188262/ref ... )

A book about commands teach: 20 € (for example see comments, my answer is usually interpreted as spam ...)

I think that was all. :)

That would make € 272 without the dog.

Lg. Lena

PS .: The dogs purchase must be considered and not simply be bought for boredom!

I am 11 and would like a dwarf spitz but your mother must agree

School, homework and toys. So nen dog that goes along with this, there is not.

And Toy Spitz are spoiled breedings. Can ever save for the veterinarian

Summer holidays are not enough to get a puppy housebroken and be alone to bring him in.

And what about the dog when you do training? Who will take care of the dog?

If you have by your HA boredom get yourself a hobby or make friends with what. A dog needs more.

A dog is NOT a boredom killer and not a toy.

Who else cares about the dog when you take off times, begin a training or study and then from 8-18: 00 off you?

So just because you have to homework boredom that's no reason to want a dog. A dog even if only a small means great responsibility and work. The animal cost enough money that I do not think you have in your age. You go so walkies with neighboring dogs

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