I ride Shetty

I: 15 years 1,65 m 57 kg Shetty: + 1m, muscles very well, matching saddle, only in the summer so I think it's not bad and just want to even hear your views ^^

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With the size and weight you have no business being on a Shetty! Are you crazy?! The Pony weighs one probably 100 to 150kg, which would be almost 50% of its own weight! This is a horse and no ant. You are as tall as me and weigh as much. And I find myself already too big for a German Riding Pony! And "only in summer ride" better! No condition of the horse, it is not true physical exercise regularly and you hiefst top of him your weight. Class, celebration beg for it. Although Shetty are robust, that is too much! Locate me something else that you can do with them, carriage driving, for example. And do not touch the horse with the Shetland ponies, you're too big and too heavy! The horses are sick of it, and I mean no cough. Kissing spines, spinal injuries and osteoarthritis are neither funny nor curable! You are doing the horses nothing good yet, you ride almost to death, because hardly anyone is a lot of money on small Shetty, the prop are only for fun. Get it and pick a horse that can carry you!

I think it's clearly too much for a Shetty - these are after all no mounts that are not interpreted by the Body forth for riding, but rather to drive (as is also 2-3 times the body weight, but not while riding). Other contributing your legs but almost grind? There is also nothing with decent Hilfengebung. And one for you both fitting saddle that I doubt so, because your seat with the height would exceed that of Shetty.

Are you leave of his senses ???? "So I think that's not bad," It's not about what YOU do not find bad, but what you do to your bangs so !!! So if you think this question here really serious, then You try almost 50% of your own weight to bear one half or three quarters of an hour through the area. Something makes me really sad and angry about the same! Poor Pony ..

Would I be clear! You try 50% of your weight back on your köper to wear!

I see no problem when Shetty is strong and healthy.

if it did not is more difficult and dangerous times, so max 2 times a week would already go

I find already badly borderline. to train with a sulky that would be no thing but on top of it that's not without ...

With such a size and 57kg has no business being on a Shetty! Carriage ride okay, but do not ride!

I like that.

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