I should get my period 6 days ago. Should tomorrow take the first pill.

I should get my period 6 days ago. Should tomorrow would take the first pill. (One week break as always) take the pill already since years, something has never happened. Pregnancy test I had already made, "not pregnant". Should I take the pill tomorrow anyway?

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Hello AlenaAlenaAlena

If you take the pill regularly, not vomiting, no diarrhea has and no medication takes impair the effectiveness of the pill, you have taken regularly before the break at least 14 days on the pill, the break does not last longer than 7 days and one on. 8 again carries on the day with the pill, then you are protected during the break, and immediately thereafter, to 99.9%. It is also with vomiting and diarrhea continue to be protected if you respond correctly and a pill nachnimmt when it happens within 4 hours after taking the pill. When diarrhea is one in this case diarrhea only aqueous.

The bleeding (not period) can ever come late or absent at all. It is only important that the pill pause lasts for longer than 7 days. On the eighth day you start again with the first pill of the new blister, regardless of whether you had a bleeding or if they are still holding.

Greetings HobbyTfz

call tomorrow making your gynecologist and ask for to be double safe (a pregnancy test does not always have the right to make .and in some that's so, the pill is not working properly

The withdrawal bleeding may simply fail me, that's not bad. Just take the next pack and set next time the gynecologist thereof :)

All the best!

Yes, normally begin again. Then you call Friday or Monday to your gynecologist!

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