I soon my graduation I want under my dress a pantyhose get dressed with high heels jeddoch slips my foot in the shoe what can I do?

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So either you are evading on thin leggings because barefoot that you can go not so easy in the shoe, or you you procure Highheel deposits, I do not know exactly how they're called, but these are fairly small, transparent inserts made of silicone, which you may put forward under the ball of the foot, so that you no longer Slither that there actually in any shoe shop ..

If that you can go, then the shoe does not fit properly .... Try it out with such Gel Pads

In the shoe trade's are such "pads" that can insert into the shoe, so that the foot is not applicable vorrutscht

Go buy new or stopf you batting front my iss pure has also made

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