I started to write a story, it's worth it to continue writing?


She sat on the knife and screamed terribly loud and shrill as she watched stach.Ich my blood through space spritzen.Doch not listen to them, it seemed almost as if she were their frustrations and anger listened to me from a lassen.Ich voice in my head that said, "I will bless you and all mankind from Clear as it sir always imagined" Suddenly I was someone Woke with a love full kiss on a questioner agree the person said "already contradicted this dream you should slowly hielfe Search ".I was not sure if I should go to a therapist but put After long About I did. After 5 sessions I got a diagnosis as it becomes apparent I was suffering from a punt psychosis and mustre due to this diagnosis in a "clinic" against this disease .Dort I got a drug Decentan a couple weeks ago Was it me good and I could normally and Quiet sleep. But had one day where I actually sleep quite well I woke up the next morning with a wound on his arm auf.Ich immediately went to the doctors and treated We had a long conversation hours The doctor explained the sore so I was sleepwalking and me any where have hurt. I wanted to go see it, then if I really schlafwandle And filmed me during the night and prepared my room door so that was I see it opened. The next morning I looked at the night and what I saw has scared me to death

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Test your Internet a bit about the subject Be smart. You need a clever beginning, middle, and a closing section. Think about roughly to what exactly it is to be in the story and write the maybe on. Describe the situation in detail and read the feelings of the protagonist in the story. You can make the story much more. also describe the environments z. B, their history, etc.

Whether you should keep writing, I can not answer you, unfortunately. Finally, if your decision. If you enjoy it, then write it on working until you are satisfied and if that is the case, you can show it to others.

Please'll take care of you for spelling and punctuation. It has no through view of the text, if no steps are present, no full stops and commas. If you begin a dialogue or a monologue, the character has thoughts, you can also in a new line to go active again more clearly and makes it seem important and not just happen like that.

The thought of people are very important to write a good story. Point to what quirks have the actors and why they act the way they do it eventually. Signs but more the exact situation and do not let them simply stab so that is amateurish. Describe the reader how exactly looks the spectacle, so an image can result in head - produced none, you can cut down the story in the bin.

Is this just a summary of the plot? Works for me like that. In a change of location, please re new paragraph. Subdivisions in history are important, otherwise you do not have a better overview. Get times the book American Psycho and reading the second chapter - not turn you by, please log in with me and tell me your secret.

Everything goes by too fast. Was attacked and stabbed with a knife by a woman who came in clinic assailant comes at night back to him and indulges her secret desires. No feeling, no tension, no proper German language. Have you read the text at all, before did you get hold of him here? I hope in a no, though that would not exactly testify to perfection. Do you have any other stories? Bin for new open and give you love more tips if you have questions.

Being who I am and what I am, I can not find it in my heart to wish you pleasent dreams .. greetings to you.

to Bus Stop now good and exciting :) I want to know what happened at night so what is on the video! Can you give me the continuation Please send PLEASE !?

This is all much too fast.

ZACK knife

BAM waking from a dream

WHAM loving kiss

think long BANG

POW immediately at the 5th meeting.

Where are the feelings? The voltage? One can not empathize with what she thinks, what looks, smells and feels it in the figure?

This paragraph you posted, you can easy to 40 A4 pages (font size 12, Times New Roman) make.

I would much further work on the matter, meant no harm but writing style, grammar .... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...

Topic's very often and really good ..... but not be stopped ... his dreams, one should always realize (try)

Be the first set so that the reader necessarily want the second reading.

William Faulkner GREETZ

Joo, go more to the Hauptpersin a what she feels and thinks, acts otherwise as if you were the story just rattle off because you have to.

No you examined normal hobys

Well .. The grammar is improved, spelling and punctuation and the evil. The choice of words is unfortunate. You should still learn a lot and also to build vocabulary.

If you want to write still further, you ought to not kloppen in the bin. Keep it and write it to later. It is like everything in life: Practice, practice, practice.

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