I still get a job?


I have made a mistake, unszwar shoplifting. I am 16 years old and have inserted something in a clothes shop and everything so cost around 30 €. (I regret it repays!) I was with a friend because she has incited me to and I have been through. The detectives caught us and everything taken back but I have not made any statement. This is the first time that I have done something, and also my first ad in the certificate. I was invited to a subpoena but had there been no statement and said that I will be writing to come. So far, nothing has happened. I did not receive new mail from the police or the court.

My questions are now: I still get a job or my future down the drain? What consequences can come to me? I wanted to make a mini job with Penny, the hire me at all? I get it still a Mini Job? My aim is namely to make high school and successful career. And no I did not need to steal was unique and never occurs again. ? ...

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It does not just good, if there is something of shoplifting in your police certificate. And Post all you get. The forgotten not. They have so far only had time. You let yourself instigate of your girlfriend? Did you yourself because no will, no opinions. Are you getting what your girlfriend says? You should grow up. When one talks to you on the shoplifting, while applying, then be honest. This is still the best way to restore confidence.

Yes do you mean, you pay quite loose every shoplifter lifelong unemployment benefits?

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