I still want a cat

Hey .. I already have a cat and a dog. Yesterday I experienced the cat is given away to me is very important and I would either get them or a mother cat. Since the cat of my friend's mother heard my friend has an extreme attachment to the cat can not take it because it is in a too small apartment but. however, I live with my parents in a house and have plenty of room for a kitten. My other cat is never in the house because it is not a house cat. I'd love to make like my friend and the cat for a few months to take so long until it moves into a larger apartment. Maybe you have an idea how I could convince my parents .. Greetings

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... Maybe your parents are concerned that the work that will cause the animal could get stuck with them ... As it is now controlled by the existing animals? If you can take care of 100% to the kitten, the Angel Enge awareness is of course easier to argue. But you're all day at home? A small animal (child) needs especially at the beginning a lot of attention - you can take on this responsibility and provide accordingly for the animal? That is for me to come up not only for all related food / vet bills, but to also address the cat time and attention (not only the litter grant) or to possible problems (Dog / another cat) to be prepared and here in the case of to have ready case solutions ... If all these things mentioned are regulated thoughtful and clear it fragrances not be a problem to have a substantive discussion with your parents and to convince them of the need to take the animal temporarily with you ...

So much space does a cat not? How big do you think an apartment should be to keep a cat?

Say it out with them.

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