I stink after "dog" ?!

Hi, So first to me. Bin 18, Female & shower every day.

Whenever I'm out, I'm starting to stink. But not by welding or so, but as if I had not showered for weeks. So when I was living on the street. (I can not describe so well) So quite disgusting.

If I, for example, on the train, and someone wants to sit next to me then I can already smell my scent.

Whether I use perfume or not - it stinks!

As I said, that I am not underarm odor (also always use deodorant) but rather my body and my hair.

What can I do against it?

I feel uncomfortable in my skin characterized.

Only serious answers!

The best answer

Stress and sweat smell quite unlike Anstrengungs- or heat welding. You're probably so very afraid to stink, you smoothly get into massive stress if someone wants to sit next to you and stress are producing sweat. This is of course a little vicious. Most likely you will succeed to break through this, if you "feel uncomfortable" with the problem begin. Everyone can fall times in the situation that he starts from stress to stink. Forgive you that. This is not a doomsday. Diet also reflected on the exhalations. Drugs? Diet? Had more ideas.

Vlt. you should go to the dermatologist times and describe him. Can such Noisehunter has already said his imagination or you can, for example, ne allergy to your shampoo and have your body reacts to it with this smell

I would suggest you first of all with a dermatologist or otolaryngologist (malformation of the nasal possible) to speak, and then once the shampoo etc. switch.


I like to go to the couple dancing, that I run before and after a thorough

Body care, sometimes I feel so much like you I mean I smell unpleasant,

My Dance Partnerinen know nothing about it, just tell me ... smell again today

gut.Mein do go to the gym tobe you times look right, you bring in welding

and please do not eat pork and from the fast food chains

Since it can not be due to your hygienic measures, and you have obviously not real friends who would help you with this problem, you have no choice, (best equal to a dermatologist) rather than visit a doctor. The will already tell you whether your perception is correct and recommend measures in any direction.

Lots of light times the soap and shampoo switch, or the detergent for clothes? ... But most likely, only the faeellt you on and others not.

Maybe you used just once another shampo and cream, often it is because

Maybe you do not stink? Maybe something is wrong with your nose. I would so go times for ENT doctor.

This can also help: the detergent / fabric softener change. If you sweat in the garments, so take this body moisture, can u. U. lead to unpleasant odors. When my daughter in any case it helped.


are you sure that other smell also perceive? Were you advised or show the reactions of others to the?

It may be a mental health problem in which your perception is quite disturbed.

If not so, you can also talk Read: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bromhidrosis

Just ask your / your best friend / girlfriend if you verströmst really unpleasant smell (I hope for you that they say the truth), or whether this is just your feelings

Have you ever the dermatologist? You can smell himself, I think differently ... maybe you'll make it to you from a little one?

Vllt are your clothes?

Go to the dermatologist

Very mysterious, were ever at the doctor?

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