I stink so fast although I shower every day?

What can I do against body odor? What do you use this? :) Please only seriously meant

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There is a body spray for body and shoulders. This keeps fresh for up to 72 hours. Ingredient Aloe Vera, Camphor and other additives. Do you get on the Internet. Helps very well.

Perfume, deodorant, body lotion after the shower, borontalco (or so) is very helpful against underarm odor, am 10km jogging with this compelling and I did not smell afterwards by welding

Deo, perfume, shower gel, body lotion

Nim a 48 hours deo should dan whom have you luck so keep the 2-4 hours.

Change nourishment?

Hi first,

the question is what does stink for you? aged 11 to 16, the physical emanations are stronger than before and after. that is, this is reinforced by the puberty. here can only help either a very good deodorant or changing the diet.

alcohol makes the body odor even worse so hope it has helped you lg

Deodorant and perfume

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