I urgently need a new laptop

Hello situation is currently as follows: At the moment I have the Toshiba satelite but my laptop but coming to an end, I just look for new laptops'd also like here excitation pick what are your experiences that you could recommend me I do not need the ultra highend laptop but one of the runs of the "standard" what needs he can? - Easy work of school / study (ie Word, pp, pdf ... ect) -speicherplatz relative I have an external hard drive where I ect pictures abspeicher - watch movies - for more, the laptop is not used: D budget would be at 400-500 € less is always: DD

Thank you very much!!

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because you need your laptop only to work with standard programs, look a little surfing and movies, you'll get with your price expectations and a good, solid laptop, although it does not have the top performance, but definitely best meets your needs ,

I have the following laptop for you rausgesucht: ASUS X555LA-XX092H with 15.6 "display (standard size), i5 dual-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB Fesplattenkapazität and Windows preinstalled 8.1.

This laptop is even just to notebooksbilliger.de on offer for € 449 instead of € 489. However, I do not know how long.

Best wishes


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