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I had 5 days days my days and right after I had ungschützten sexual intercourse. could I be pregnant ?

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Hello carly1506

First of all, it is true that a woman only a few days each cycle is fertile. But the time to determine exactly, is difficult. A mature egg is up to twelve hours fertilized after ovulation. Because sperm but in the female body can survive in extreme cases, up to six days, it is possible to get pregnant through unprotected sexual intercourse per cycle up to six and a half days. The fertile period of a woman can thus already begin six days before ovulation and ends around twelve hours later. A short cycle increases the risk Who recalculates a bit now, noted that fertilization can take place even during menstruation. Because every woman has a different long cycle - that is, respectively the margin from the first day of menstrual bleeding to the day before the next period. The cycle of most women lasts about 28 days, although they may all 21-35 Tagen.Besonders in younger women derZyklus is often very irregular and has not every time the same length. Due to stress, shift work, Urlaubsreisenetc. the cycle can also come later from time to time from the clock.



Greetings HobbyTfz

It could happen because the sperm can survive up to 7 days in the womb. The then wait as it were, on the egg. I wish you, of course, that you are not pregnant. Lg Lysys

Yes, the day after the period you are most fertile! As to the gynecologist or have looooong good luck

  • The probability is even very high, you can get pregnant.
  • On the first day of the period, a new cycle begins. Approximately on the 10th day starting the fertile days. Since about ovulation takes place. But the can also be sooner or later. Sperm can survive for up to 7 days in the body. It is a myth that you can not get pregnant during the day !!!
  • If you still have the time, then you get the morning after pill. Is after an emergency contraceptive. Up to 5 days after sex that is possible.
  • If not, you can only wait. After implantation can then let go 7 days later a blood test. 12 or 14 days later, an early test is possible. By the time your period should fail, you have to take a test or go to a gynecologist.


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Yes, go best to the gynecologist /

Yes you can

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