I want a dog (mini zwergspitz)

Hi I want to have a dog, and although a Mini but zwergspitz my mom says she does not see it a she always goes in the walk early and we do not have a cat they get along? What should I do ?? Because I have told you just need to go in the morning and in the afternoon I go alone and at night we can indeed go together ... how to make my mother change his mind? And where do you get this dog ?? and not too expensive? Many respond Please Thanks LG Natalie

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Forget it, please. When you are not even willing to go 3-4 times per day in any weather Gassi and to make at least once per day for a longer walk, then you should you buy a dog. A dog costs not only to buy, but also needs food, liability insurance, it costs dog tax and even the vet costs money, sometimes even more than 1000 €! A cheap to purchased dog is also rarely healthy ...

The most important, I must first tell you that you should not save in the wrong here. If ye want already set a dog (actually applies to all animals), then please contact a reputable breeder, in which you can get to know the parents. On the Internet you can find on Google some sites that list breeders of various breeds.

Or you look at the animal shelters in your area times after. There are so many dogs that desperately need a new home. It need not necessarily be a Pomeranian yes. Maybe you fall in love as in another race;) Much more important than appearance and race is the character of the dog. The need to fit you, not the optics.

If one is in the family to a dog no one comes into the house, very simple thing. So an animal costs about 100 € a month, every day needs several walks and a reasonable education. which caught all three tasks ultimately the majority of your mother.

Dogs you get at the shelter, it should be a puppy for a good breeder. The former will cost around 300 €, the latter of € 1000 upwards. Please do not come to buy the idea a cheap puppy, these animals are usually not healthy, their parents suffer and often enough, there's a little surprise when the dog suddenly Mini 40cm high.

Recently one more request: think about it if you really have such a tiny dog ​​would like, in which the institutions hardly have space an animal and get your cat to the idea it could be a very long-legged rat. My Madame is what larger (30kg), while the cat (5.5kg) is the boss in the house, one way or another slap the dog must already endure ^^

Mini dogs are all suffering animals bred! These animals do not have a good and a long life, its institutions have little space in the body. Please dont do this. not Increase the demand for these tortured animals! Or saving ever for the vet!

"Not too expensive" bokommt is the only in the dog mafia, and as these dogs often have significant complications at birth, you can assume that each live puppy a few die, as the mother bitches wil the multiplier does not go to the vet, if there are problems.

Not at all. If my child wants a dog, then it must also take care of it himself. But no, Mama is in the morning with the Fiffi out and evenings still with child and Fiffi ....... until ultimately hangs everything to mama. Of course, you swear stone and bone that you will take care of you alone drum, but few calls to her friend, biste away. And mom and Fiffi are then as stupid. No, your mother knows why they do not want a dog.

Cat and dog get along if you angeschaft as hatchlings werden.Aber the same time I can understand your mother when she is no dog will.Die most of the work hanging on your.

If your mother says no then this is so. Purchase you a if you yourself have enough money and you're home! Moreover, who he writes 'wants' something that I would be nothing more than ever! And you like all other people? No right? And why now every dog ​​tolerated with each cat?

I want to have a dog, and although a Mini but zwergspitz my mom says she does not see it a she always goes in the walk early and we do not have a cat they get along?

this mini dwarf tip are suffering animals bred and have a life expectancy of max. 4 years! And if then still want to buy cheap, then the dogs are already sick when she gets.

Healthy breed dogs are nunmal expensive, about 1000-1500 EUR!

In addition, each actually should be known that strange dogs and cats (mostly) not tolerated and fight each other.

For the rest, your interests, obligations and friends in the next few years will change, so you have no interest, no time and no desire for the dog going and then remain fully associated with the dog at your mother's work!

you have strange ideas of what it means to have a dog ... with 3 short round before the door is not enough.

dog attitude is expensive -per moant least 100 euros on average - the "cost of acquisition" are there the slightest ... who now is looking for the cheap spoon and a mother has, which has no desire to go early to the dog, who writes us briefly that mother not to vet wants etc ...

all mini uasgaben of dogs are torturous breed that many diseased organs and an extreme short life expectancy!

Um hello while you believe that needs to go out with your dog your mother in the morning, a dog is not suitable for you .... And dogs are expensive, even if you the dog instead of 1000 € 350, - to € from animal welfare Holst, can still cost approach you go far beyond 1,000 € addition ... so please be so fond of animals and waive a dog who will not have it well with you ...

The No mother accept, it is not just about the time. So a dog costs a lot of money that you have certainly not yet. Since there is nothing to discuss.

No. let it, your mother knows very well that the fur nose stuck to her. and then even ne qual breed for 1000-1500 €, the one probably 4-5 years with well "hurt" lives? (All dogs that start with "mini" or "dwarf" (almost all) are torturous breed, bred small to fit in the tussis in the pocket.)

This breed is an absolute torment breed. Something you should not generally support.

If you like you care not only about the dog, then you should your mother's decision bow. I wrüde not want to play the puppet for a child just because the want to have a sweet cuddly Wau Wau.

A dog costs a lot of money and time.

And what's in the PerIod you are not at home? A dog you can not be alone for so long without further notice.

The "not too expensive" is already the best reason why you should not get a dog !!!

Your mama is quite right, the work will then depend on her.

Hi Natalie,

offer your mother at ALSO to go in the morning. You have to get up earlier, however.

And if it's raining out, and if you're out tired also, and if it's out hot, too, and when it is snowing and freezing cold is out and everyone, everyone, every day. Also in your holiday.

Think it over well.

But I understand you well. A life without a dog goes on, but does not make sense.


go regularly walkies with a foster dog from the animal shelter. Perhaps you can prove to your mother that she can rely on you.

Toy Spitz are very expensive. If you have a reputable breeder with min. € 1,000 expected.

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