I want a dog!


I know, most often it is the other way around, but my mother would necessarily have a dog, but I do not! I like dogs Although very labor and it would be worth it to me, but as long as I have a seven-year-old sister ...

you need to know: it comes dogs she always jumps around and ZERknudelt the dog, jumping and yelling and screaming that he comes to her ... Well I think you know what I mean. Anyway, I would have none of it! And that would be absolute cruelty to animals! But the last time I said that my mother is that come this out: I quote (screaming): "Six months ago, you were still a dog and now I give the family a new member and you want none ?! You always think only of yourself and apart from that still determine the I! I want a dog, your sister also and Daddy does not mind, so that would be decided now. "

My question: how can I make it my mother realized that I do not want poor dog?!? The'd just be sorry!

and I would much rather have chicken or quail .... But that's another topic (-;

Thanks in advance!!!

The best answer

So a very pleasant, good-natured dog could your sister maybe teach you something, as long as they do not seriously torments him ...

Yes, Duhast're right, as long as my M; utter so hysterical is "there is no dog." Let you nix impose, either, do you like chicken or rooster !!! We understand each other already, or !! ?? Lg

I suspect also that this "hype" around passes to your sister dog quickly .. But if it's really so would probably not advisable puppy :)

A 7-year-old can already teach how to handle a dog that he is not poor.

A dog is a family member, is all living in the same household that is also your sister. In addition, a dog has its own needs, which must be respected, otherwise there is the first bite of the family and how it is so common, the dog is again guilt and is deported. Yes, he is a poor dog!

to have So if your mother says bring a dog it is the have considered very carefully and as more clue what than you As for your sister, there are many dogs that are very suitable for families and also good with 7 can bypass years where one can also say a 7 year old child what they may do in a dog and what is not, and should they will not hear it, the dog sooner or later have had enough and steam from ... or tweak .. . And then they will soon see that you do not have a dog so treated> :-)

You could suggest a different animal to the your sister not so easy drankommt a hamster or something. And when it comes time cage from the view you like your sister behaves who can ill-dan the hamster in the cage. Hamsters do not live long you can the hamster from the shelter Hollen.

Well, yes, because your mother the dog wants and not you will, indeed, they do the work and not you. And 7-year-old not screech like 3-year-old, which can schließlihc talk all right and them how to deal with eiem dog show and explain.

Anyway, I would have none of it

does not matter.

Well ... it's like this ... Your parents have the final say ... So a dog will probably sooner or later move in with you.

Mach you for yourself the best of the situation - be nice to the dog; maybe you like him so protect later times before your pesky "little sister" and then you walk with the dog ...

You would not believe what can be trusted with a mad dog as best friend all so ...

Your parents may determine and shall be not you have dog allergy can they buy against your will a dog.

To your sister, she is 7 they will learn with dogs deal then fits all a little more on.

Ever thought of turtles?

The hearing nothing, I think, and can be crushed also net.

It's still only talk, otherwise.

I understand you. I also bekomm every NEN spasm when I see how my brother treats the cat. Since one can unfortunately do nothing. But good that you think that way.

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