I want to be a soldier !? Good idea or stupidity?

My reasons soldier are to be the following: Community: (I've never really had in my life) Friends: (Did I hardly)

Respect: (for what I tuhe) pride (of related I protect my country) challenge: (reach its limit and still do not give up) The shoot: (It's fun but I realize that you do not for fun soldier and shoot for fun ßt history) reached: (in school, I'm bad because I no longer endure school'm feeling constantly ill because I can do anything I want to change that because I care) Intresse: it interests me do what soldiers do fear: (Since my life something is eigebtlich of matter I am not afraid to die sometimes I think even extra motorbike to drive into a tree but do not do it because of family pointless rather) My life I find 'sche i SSE' so I want to do something so that the change (have many problems stand up even single pair) What ye shall keep it

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I find your decision admirable, since it is just a simple, one meets there. I think if you're doing it for the reasons you mentioned, it is the right and you'll be a good soldier. I hope you reach this goal and even if someone tells you otherwise, you shall be leiber, just do what you think is right. Soldiers are everywhere and always used and as I said at the beginning, it is an admirable decision.

So I think it's great! Women stand on soldiers;) but not the only reason why I think it's great. You as a soldier standing to your country and in this job is you certainly not boring. Make the .. Because you can ascend well and that is important :)

Your reasons are no more '' good reasons', sometimes even more precarious. In the army there are actually similar '' forced Communities '' as in school it the '' class communities '' are and therefore similar problems. abzubekommen The probability that you will land more there at the bottom of the Hackordung and more to service the frustration of the other because their '' friendship '' is likely to be quite high. Firstly, if you had it to impose yourself in such structures, so you're also now in the class already the one who say that and secondly, speaks from your other questions a certain lack of sportsmanship or tendency to obesity. What do you think what will tell your comrades when they are closed they would get the benefits because of you, you had the time limit is not exceeded?

As regards the respect, you should make aware the '' respected '' and two pairs of 'feared' '' shoes. The second option of course you can with a gun in his hand expect whether a but can replace genuine respect, that's another question.

My advice would first times a shooting club to join. Since you can have fun of shooting, you get an insight into a similarly structured community (at least in most clubs), as well as in the world of weapons oil and meticulous care. You might even find friends and you especially your idea of ​​what might await you check before you commit yourself for years.

With scores between two and four can save up quite unrelated professions anyway still. Just the other day came a report on craft businesses that would like to hire apprentices, because it would give which have at least in the three core subjects, a three and are interested, the rest of them would not care. Even if you are four in one of these subjects should also could still 'nice chat' ', no reason to throw in the towel.

Respect: soldiers, armies are pursuing worldviews "tools", workhorse of people who are also taking only perspectives, certain ideologies and. Respect in the best sense is only very poorly to "earn". If one step in addition to the perspective that you need to be a soldier want, and the matter can be reversed.

Community: Man bringing a bunch of men under the same tough regulations, conveys them the same attitudes, the same point of view and values ​​and then send them together in powerful situations with the Fatal option. That's Notgemeinschaft. Community in a positive way you can better in freedom and peace and experience outside of companies and their "special" social fabric and "group dynamics".

Challenge: Yes, sure. This can be seen differently. Some may find the challenge, the greater is the less armament hip in a range. Life keeps ready as many challenges.

Shooting: I shoot quite passable with bows and arrows and had to move in a war, to learn. So this is not an argument - unless you know would like, as it is to shoot at people. Soldiers in action come more regularly in situations where the "shoot-Shall" with great inner conflict goes hand in hand - because the goal like a big kid looks - or two women wearing any things to the market - or as a friendly young man , the only pre-sends someone to possibly dubious actions and the acts themselves anxious. We are the good and the right people and that there are "the enemy" and wrong - sometimes dissolves frighteningly fast. From these and other experiences bring soldiers with their trauma home.

Something reach: This is an old story. Even before almost 1000 years, those who had to do something well or "better" and so far "nothing had become" connected the crusades. I think that to learn for pretty much the most terrible and senseless nature of the world and other people and cultures. Strictly log more and making up for what you lack. Anyone who thinks that this is a way that you could pursue INSTEAD learning, has not enough overview of the world. If you would understand a lot more, you could the absurdity of your idea seen.

Interest: No More and other interests?

Fear: The so far only thoughts. As you hang alive, you would show the reality. Is this an unconscious appeal of the matter? Once so to be able to go far, to fear but uses - so you can finally learn an appreciation of your life in yourself? And what do you then do with the fatal coupling this experience with dying of other people - this should be done so? People under massive pressure, with arms in their hands and without fear of death are killing machines that have no place in war situations nothing. Soldier Will is not a substitute for good psychotherapy. On the contrary: He who has previously made any, although he stood there as you will, at the latest after a need.

I have a friend who has a grown daughter. The man's daughter had just married to his first to Afghanistan with 24 years. While he was there, was born in Germany his daughter. When he came back after 8 months, he could not even pick her her. He was no longer himself, he had changed, had post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, nightmares, massive self doubt and nagging shame about what he has seen and done. His "comrade" had shot at a group of children, it was a "mistake". He has not become a father for his daughter until today, does not feel "worthy" to have a child. He has 5 years in therapy, his wife is still waiting for that it "comes back".

What I think? "Soldier his" MAY, psychologically, not go well. It is an illusion to believe, there would mainly fame, pride, honor distributed. Men have only one mind, and not a few of them may even not necessarily very quarrels "virtuoso" with this in everyday life. Your is not stable, you came out of there not healthier than you went into it. Do not underrate it.

You are predestined to become a soldier. All your reasons give a personality profile for the consent order takers Industries and Exporters.

You should also have good prospects, anywhere in the world, just not in Germany to defend Germany's security. With a little luck you succeed also killing a local there, the attacks in his country Germany.

When you apply, you should but the things with the school that you do not get baked, keep your contempt of death and the life that you find modest for you.

Instead, you should tell that you want something back to society, you want to make the world safer and you want to make your contribution to the preservation and defense of freedom against external threats, such as Russia and the Islamists. The hearing which would enjoy.

And maybe play for you a mediocre trumpeter sometimes "I had a comrade." This solemn and moving moment would not forget the other.

Everything what you have written, precludes an army training. Sorry, but mentally you are not capable alone your suicidal thoughts.

I do not want to be with a companion on the road, which I can not leave me, because his life he does not care.

Soldiers are not trigger-happy, they are trained on the gun to defend themselves and their comrades and protect.

In addition, you write yourself, your education is deficient, because you should work first. Jobs in the army are very demanding, took the time as the main student are long gone. Since high school diploma is required and a healthy stable psyche.

When you're ready to draw in case of emergency for your fatherland (or the UN) in the war, will soldier. What else nowadays his military service duty performed are mostly cowards and wimps!

You are mentally so unsuitable, as one can only be unsuitable for this profession. You as a soldier were a walking time bomb, nothing else.

Sch ... idea, sorry! If you your life does not matter, you're here completely out of place. What are you going to fight? Who was an outsider and dissatisfied with himself beforehand, it will remain the federal government.

Who, his fears, concerns and feelings do not have themselves reasonably under control, should get no weapon in his hand! Go to psychologists - the problems you have no chance anyway!

So do not deserve you well .. why. A friend of mine some time ago also the school geschmießen because it simply does not work anymore. Now he goes to the federal government

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