I want to buy a mobile phone as a 15-year-old, I need the consent of the parents (READ!)

Hello I am 15 years old and would soon a Samsung galaxy s3 mini buy, I need the approval or consent of the parents or can I phone myself buy? (I BUY THE MOBILE WITHOUT CONTRACT)

I would be glad if the latest MORNING of (07/04/2015) I get the answer.

Thanks in advance: D

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Well, that I can not answer so easily. What does it cost for the cell phone and where you buy it. Let's assume that you there for 80 euros of a (m / r) friend / in. Then it is quite possible that you can buy it without parental consent. It would be different in a store and the device costs 500 euros or more. Then parental consent would be required. I advise you nevertheless to discuss it with your parents. A cell phone will only work with a SIM card. And to get this you have to be of legal age. Whether contract or prepaid. Even a prepaid card requires the demolition of the amount from a German bank account.


No, the consent of your parents you need only if you have a contract. Otherwise uses the so-called. "Pocket money-paragraph".

Yes, if your parents are against it, and the dealer has sold it simple so, he should accept it at worst. BGB §§104-110

Under 18 you are allowed only a certain amount of money to spend. Whether the shop there you sold is his business. But if the parents say that you can not have it, they may simply bring it back.

Yes why not? You may believe you buy as long as it does not violate the law or has altersbegränzungen everything. Tip: probably why you ask, there are the s3 mini on Tuesday at Saturn for 99 euro :);)

Sure you can buy it, your parents could return it at worst ....

Very few shops you will forbid to buy a mobile phone ... without parents

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