I want to continue the trust of my dog ​​!?

Because of health reasons I had for 4 months in a hospital ... My Dog (Male, Mongrel, Name: Yoda) had I as a puppy get was not so long with me. He was almost 30 weeks old when I was hospitalized. Because no one could take care of in it came in another family .... when I picked him up again four months later he was different somehow repellent to me, he has probably lost my trust ... has anyone tips as I get back trust ? :( It is very important to me! LG Alice ♡

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Always cautious approach closer and with firpsiger higher voice calling his name as you'd be pleased correct a bit rumreden with hands and when he comes to reward treats it has in my two I worked I hope could help. (Repeat this process again and again)

He certainly has not lost confidence ... Please describe please specify what he does. Clearly he is no longer the cuddly puppy. And although it is so small and fluffy grown remains a dog.

Wait and see

Hi Alice,

I advise you with the Yoda to begin again as if it were today moved in with you ...

Help him everything with you to rediscover possible ...

Addiction walks on which you roughly always the same play and search program start off you ... If you go for a walk every day, for example, 4 X, then take the first place, for each time the same way ... And offers to play him something and what romp up involving ...

Frisbee or ball games ... hiding a toy and return it to you ...

Adjusting his home things like food bowl, Hela blanket, a toy to the same places as before your absence ...

Say it again and again with his name ...

Be easy for the dog a sheltered great friend ...

That works then soon again ...

That's clear he has not lost confidence but he has just learned that other people are his pack. Here only helps patience. He has to get used again to you, he is now no longer a puppy. Games a lot with him, cuddly with him and let him come to you. It is certainly curious.

playing and cuddling does not help because unfortunately. you make him a leader rudel be he respected, in which he feels safe and treated him fairly. but that is nciht that you should shout at or hit him, but are demonstrating to him that you make in stressful situations which have calm introduce by you are demonstrating calm. you could also feed him for example with back-face etc ..... oh da gibts 1000 things that can be observed.

Get but a new dog, it's no use if he does not want you. But he is rude!

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