I want to lay me a dog

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We have a Havanese mixed breed, which corresponds your descriptions. Each dog (also from a specific breed of dog) is different, but Havanese possibly as a mixture with a slightly larger / more robust dog are great, intelligent, friendly and playful and naturally "well-behaved".

Best you watch your future comrades advance something, and you spend some time before the final decision together, for example, first as a sponsor in a shelter. There you can the dog know he and you. Because the chemistry must be right (on both sides).

You could ask in a shelter. Also quiet breeds can be wild by nature. If you have such precise idea, you should have a 1-2Jahre old dog record)

So first I have to ask what clear here: no dog is born vicious. It has nothing to do with race, even with the genes. Even the verschrienste fighting dog is with proper education for kids, loving family dog. Secondly, the Hunt is a film. That what you mean is certainly the hunting instinct. So fall ever gone all Hounds. The rest of your criteria mainly relate to the character of the dog, who has also little to do with the breed. Here, you have to by the breeder or advised to shelter staff who often know their charges very well. I hope you find a suitable dog. Good luck.

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