I want to start with a friend from the United States a start, what do I need?

I have an idea and it can realize you ... now we want to be both Founders of this startup ... how we make a contract? and how does it all about?


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So I established myself a XXXX, Inc., is quite simple. instruct path 1. company, which makes it for you or alone Register (Route 2). My then distributed the whole simply Shares ... let's say you take 1 million shares, both get 500,000, that ye may hold fast my certificate.

However, I would rather start a LLC, has tax advantages and you must also not take annual meetings, respectively record. If you have then founded the company, opening with tax number and registration to the bank and a business account, then after that etc a Merchant Account, Website ..

Your definitely need a lawyer and / or notary. The want you no harm, but you can formulate a secure contract, which holds your rights and obligations.

Since you apparently can both Google not deal or have no desire to you deal with it, how I would start a business say. Go to nem lawyer. The you do that.

as here to post Definitely more initiative a question. Or a lot of money for a lawyer who advises you.

Do you want to set up a German company an American or Germany in the UAS?

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