I want to start with the boarding :)

Hello dear, I am 16 would like to start driving with the board, I found the always cool and think it will make me fun. My question now is whether you there vlt a board, or at least could an art recommend? What are the advantages of the normal skateboard penny the board or the longboard?

Can you recommend me what the too expensive, but still good are not, or have done what with whom her good experiences? Thanks in advance :)

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comes just depends on how motivated you are to learn tricks.

the core element of skates are ultimately the tricks, and of course it also takes to learn a little bit the ... if you can first turned tricks is skating really fun, but when it comes to cruise ONLY killed I would advise you have to take longboard ( the same applies to so things like downhill, or distance ... skating is limited as mentioned above all on tricks, longboards are a little more versatile, which does not mean that they are "better")

beginner friendly is definitely the longboards that one has learned quickly.

ultimately you do not have you there but decide I have skate and long boards and drive both regularly, as I have just pleasure when you money that it did you could do that quite well.

what penny boards As I see just as space-saving alternative to longboard, eg going on vacation and can not take such a huge board.

and apart from that I do not believe in penny boards, as they the longboard, less fahrkomfort offer up to the factor size, are inferior in every point, less friendly to beginners, etc.

With NEM skateboard you doing just tricks and drive on half-pipes, etc. In grindest a longboard you cruist rather through the area. ie it is more suitable for driving, because it is a larger board, and the role are thicker. Hope I could help you

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