I want to work out, but I'm making progress?

I'm 15 and pretty unsporting (-> Not so much the result) I have so recently bought a rod to make pull-ups. The problem is that I can not perform AN ENTIRE exercise, and I wonder how I ever get there from 0 to 1 ..

Advice would be great!

Thank you and lg :)

The best answer

Practice as hard as possible, if all else fails you do one or two push-up because as the training effect increases and you get on well. The muscle gets most incentive for the growth when it is extremely required, because he wants to then what you ask of him reach. So you can build good muscles.

I hope I could help you with my answer, and you come from now better progress in the sport.

Try to pick up at the beginning you ne support. Example: imagine a chair under the bar and let your legs support you if you need help.

However, I advise you up front to warm otherwise could tear your muscles. Go ne quarter of an hour jogging in a comfortable but you uniform tempo.

I wish you success

Can start at the beginning of 0 and you fight constantly high.

Most make that mistake :)

In almost all things practice makes perfect! Do not be discouraged. Within a few days you will not notice any great changes. If you tuned stay wirds but be.

You need power. This you build with the Grease the Groove technology. You're doing throughout the day quite a lot of repetition, but never so that your muscles get tired. If you can manage as 5 pullups, you're always only 1-2 and listen to. Throughout the day you doing 15-25 sets. But this technique you can apply, if you can manage 1-3 pullups. To this you have to work so previously.

You can do not even have a pullup. Take a chair and help with the legs on the chair push up after yourself. Mach which 3 sets of 8-10 reps. Then do 3 sets by enabling hochspringst and you concentrate only on the negative repetition.

Do other exercises. Australian pullups and rowing at the door. The you can do even more, and slowly build strength and muscles.

Go buy 2 dumbbells or a. Fang with 2KG on I increased the time and within 5Monaten bon 2KG on 10kG what is a peak power

Training you need, start with narrow pushups and then they make ever wider. Then you can slowly try pull-ups with stress on the biceps to make ...

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