I will have to offer a care agency a dog the owner know?

So hundehalung is prohibited! But one floor up is a woman that a dog has ever since! However, he heard another woman I find it totally unfair that I can not have a small dog and the best no one complains, on the contrary he is caressed by all! And if I jz a small dog offer a nursing agency does not belong so times me and is only "to visit" I have the vM really what to say or can the garnix me ???

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Hey, as far as I am aware, the landlord must not generally forbid the dog ownership, but must consider the individual case. I recommend that you just time to sit down with your landlord together or to speak to him. Inasmuch as the dog, even if you take it only for the care, u. U. can remain in the several months, you should let you give the landlord's permission.

If dog ownership is prohibited, you can not do that. That you must then also accept binding. Then you can have an eviction probably afford not

A nursing dog is not to visit

Yes, he should, just so you can put yourself also tried my landlord has said from the outset no nasty surprises schützen.Hab ish. And, you need only ONE wicked tenants in the house to have!

Dog ownership always requires the consent of the landlord. The landlord must not only know, he must allow it. Whether you harboring a strange dog with you or your own is not care less. Also the landlord must not treat all tenants equally. But he must, if he is not allowed to see the dog ownership, can justify this plausible.

So, generally considered that keeping dogs in rental housing is allowed. It can be regulated in the lease but that dog ownership in the apartment is not allowed. If the dog is just visiting, you need not notify your landlord.

Our landlord never knew about it. But the dog was always just 2 weeks with us .. maintenance if the owner were on holiday

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