I WILL Thin legs? But how?

So I find my thighs and my whole legs generally too thick !!! Jmd tips as I get the slimmer I'm ready decaying for all as long as I get a little thinner legs ... I weigh so and the 45-50kg and am so 160-165cm tall ... I love my legs really disgusting with the rest I am actually quite satisfied ...

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You can not actually influence where you abnimmst but applies generally: muscle eats fat. Construction so more muscle on the legs on (do not worry, you will not edge) and go jogging, mach squads and burprees. That should soon start to success!

You can not determine where you abnimmst that decides your body without you a). And in b) to the 50 kilos are you anyway slim at your size. You should rather work on your self-image as imaginary fat deposits.

45 kilos of fat ?? !! Would you go jogging advise but then you'd be 30Kilo and that is extremely dangerous and some guys stand on it

So I think with 160 soltelst you be quite dün and a girl is completely normal when you're a young born ichbdir only a tip: RUNNING whether klulp or leisure. Soccer is also good.

The legs are no longer using, but all day Up for at least one year.


If you are 160-165 cm tall and weigh 45-50 kg, your legs may not look so bad. You react on! Since I am relatively sure!

Your weight is in fact perfectly ok ..

But well, no image is to judge one way or difficult.

yo ehm how can I say, but are you nich bissl too thin ^^ matter because there are so films the binding you look at certain body groups which are then hot and then ma fat burns faster aslö I've at least heard

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