I would like a dog infinity

Hi folks, I would so like to have a dog but my mother allowed just do not ... I know already relatively out. Has anyone of you a dog even though it has the parents first allowed? (Am 14)

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I do not want to hold a dog to buy, but I get my dog ​​last Friday and I believe myself, 3 years with the subject in depth. I also thought I get the back and everything. Honestly to have a dog and read them etc. is quite different. If you still convince your mother want ask if you allowed to a week or so to take care of a dog (of friends or so) If you want a puppy then you might want to inquire about a non-housebroken dog.

I had with my parents so much controversy and I can assert myself by I have become familiar with the good qualities of a dog. I do not regret it and I and my parents love him!

Well, I kanns understand that your Mam does not want. If you drive on vacation if you have to go to the doctor with him, etc. This is exhausting / expensive. Even if you jetut you uuuuunendlich like a wümschst, you in ca 1nem year no more support, because you have to constantly do. Otherwise, talk to your mother and überleg what to get your mam can bring against-argumenten of arguments and. Good luck ^^

I would so like to have a dog but my mother allows easy not

Dog ownership costs time, money and effort, your mother will know why they do not want a dog. This decision you have to accept!

After all, is supposed to be a family member and must be liked by all family members and welcome a dog.

Dogs are very expensive!


dog license fee


Hundepension (holiday period, not all dogs are welcome)


Veterinarian (can sometimes cost up to 2000 EUR, z. B. OP in an accident or illness of the dog)

dog school

possibly Hundefriör (depending on the breed and hair style) etc ...

It does not cost little money to keep a dog.

A dog lives 10-18 years and one must be able, a dog, a dog's life, to be able to meet every day.

Dogs attitude makes work and takes time! A dog must repeatedly daily in great depth. And gassi out, whether it storms or snows!

In addition, your interests, obligations and friends in the next few years will change, so you have no interest, no time and no desire for the dog will!

Stop to edit your mother, surely most of the work would remain with the dog hanging on her!

Get a dog if you're an adult and you have enough time and own money for a dog have?

Has anyone of you a dog even though it has the parents first allowed?

Yes, I was a child have a dog - from completely correct reasons. I would have had as a student and later work and his own family did not have enough time to worry enough to the dog.

My dream I have fulfilled last year (30 years later) because I now the right conditions for a dog have - I work from home, can spend hours out with the dog and have to provide enough money to him.

A dog costs, creates mess, is time consuming, ...

Think about good (and especially your parents) if your you the "do" want.

Since your parents have to bear the entire cost and probably have the most work with it, they also have the right to say no.

a dog is more work than you think

If your parents do not want you to have a dog, then you have to accept the good or ill. It does not help when they purchase the dog because of you and then no one cares more. The acquisition of a dog must jointly decided and those responsible will be shared.

A super alternative is always to sign up as pet gassi predecessor in animal shelter. Or are you asking for the neighbor, maybe someone is older or degree had a baby has that you are allowed to go out with the dog.

This goes wahscheinlich if one lives in his own home and even make money. However, then the problem is that the dog had to stay alone, which also should not be.

I am so one who has it first not allowed, but then accepted the request of my children (12 and 14). Result: In case of bad weather in general is master (I) walk the dog and into the field, in good weather actually ( "Wow, I must again take the dog ??? I will be times for me ....!: ").

Food I give him water and also because it would otherwise starve and thirst .......

Well, the least time so passes with petting and cuddling. So an animal is apparently sometime boring. By the time friends found the next W-app group .....

Would I let me breitquasseln again? No. Guaranteed: NO.

jaa I you know :) as you get the go? I have every day really every day with my mother about dogs spoken shown her movies of dogs, etc .. and so their won love to the dogs .. I said that I always go gassi the I always do everything and so was the one get to the other and I have a dog Birthday :) lg: *

My said first well no, coaxing you nerfst only .... After a while my parents themselves that get intrested to buy a dog.

Have you ever had a dog. You know exactly what indeed relatively good. You know what ne work and costs the animals. Definitely ne high.

Yes, and it's needed to convince them 10 years. Has unfortunately works nich. Schaff you prefer a cat on.

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