I would like a dog! :)))

Hello I want umbedinkt a dog, only my parents do not have anything against. I do not know how to convince them .... can someone tips or give way, as I perhaps could be persuaded, and perhaps also for training so as you can teach them tricks me. thank you ;)

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You really need to think about the responsibility! I also have a dog and I must say, it's really hard, every day (even at school days) to get up extra early and go with the dog for a walk ..... Even in winter D: Of course, it's also nice to the dog hug, cuddle, etc. But you also need the pros and cons together count and then you can talk to the parents about it. From my own experience, I can say it is not always nice to have pets :( Especially not when the animals are old and you always fear when the animals sleep and never wake up. Überlegs you well. Look of course if you have a garden have (of course, the dog also live in an apartment, but then one would often with him out) it would be optimal even if your parents a day are at home, so that the dog is not alone. and go out you should also with him every day . then when you could convince your parents and you have a dog found the check cute, looking definitely at the dog owners over and check if the mother of the puppies there. Vaccinate etc. should of course :) thinking about it again after and if everything fits, you can tell your parents so that you fully to the puppy take care (except on the day when you're at school). Lg


work out a concrete plan how you carest not for the dog, as you pay ddas feed and so on. If your parents find that you really serious about the responsibility, then they might draw a.

Who will bear the cost of the animal? Who goes in the morning, noon and night out with the animal. In an Australian Shepart or similar you need to get out more than 2 hours. Such a dog is really only in dei hands of experienced Hunte owners or shepherds. Den you get normal underutilized. Where is the dog, if you are in school and he has to stay alone? How long he has to stay alone? What do you feed him? you can spend on it How much money? Aldi food is namely not exactly healthy, a lthough it is affordable. What if you drive on vacation or you take off eventually and begin an education or egg studies?

Can you answer all the questions, so that it is still appropriate to the species of the animal?

Your parents will have already thought why not a dog comes into question. After all, they must take the primary responsibility.

And your desired breed is ever anything for Ersthundehalter so most are totally overwhelmed.

If you are of legal age, have yourself an apartment and work going, think about the desire again to!

LG Melanie


the purchase of a dog for children and young people will always be carefully considered, because

who cares about the dog while you're out at school and with your friends?

Who pays for control, food, vet etc.?

Under the following link you can read what this will cost a dog: http://www.mensch-und-haustier.de/hunde/index.php?inhalt=kosten

What to do with the dog when you travel with?

What is with the dog when you do your training or wegziehst to study at home?

My proposals as an alternative to their own dog:

Why do not you help to neighbors, friends and acquaintances (walk the dog, vacation replacement) with dog out.

Many animal shelters are also looking forward if there are volunteers who go to the home dogs walkies.

With its own dog, you can buy you if you have completed your education, a profession are pursuing and earn your own money. Always assuming, of course, you may download it then also afford and a dog can also agree with your circumstances!

:-) AstridDerPu

First: try to go with you in a good shelter, and try a dog they like stroking times as many parents come 'to the dogs'

you should especially know only times euber dog attitude acquire .. who wants to bring then equal a aussi or border collie someone, you can not take it seriously!

what do you think needs a dog? how can afford to your family? how is the dog spend his morning, if you are in school?

If your parents do not want to have you unlucky because they have to bear the costs and the work is likely to remain also depend on them, just a puppy is a lot of work.

Well that's n dink!

I wanted to talk and I have been able to have a dog, my parents did not, with 8 I have done it then.

Maybe you can perform and display such that dost thou vindicate yourself for a dog the dog a neighbor.

Fang v ielleivht big and ask her for a horse or so and we'll show you appreciated that not Gehr with the horse and then you need to "at least" a dog

You should also think carefully you have a few dog like! What you had you for thus presented? Some dogs are suitable for example for the apartment is not.

Also remember that a dog is a living being and not a doll with you in bad weather not out must !?

Love greetings Ball Onion If you have any questions ... I knew not that something you training, etc. Do!

Your parents will already have their reasons why they are against it.

Would you love to have a dog, but are you willing to take care of the dog, responsible to take over and fulfill your duties? And who will pay for it all? About you? Certainly not.

If your parents do not want a dog, you will unfortunately have to accept. Coaxing brings nothing, because for a dog one decides not half-hearted. responsibility You must be aware and like they take.

What do you want for a dog? Then it always

oke many thanks .... but still ne ask wiso is the not suitable for beginners ???

Me too. I want a pug.

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