I would love to have a dog.

Hi folks, I am 15 years old and would like a dog but I must not. I had a cat, and I have them lined ect cuddled played for 5 years with her. Time and money I had enough, I also have a big garden and all I really have enough money for food, control, collar, etc. But I just can not do well in school, I am also you can help me?

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Hey you,

coming so also depends on whether you ever a dog must be kept?

A dog will remain forever as a small child that needs to be cared for constantly. Whether you're sick, do not feel like or have time. He may be old, and the whole family has to be set for the coming years on the dog. goes on vacation Imagine her. With dog there is not as much choice. Want to fly, you have it often only enter in quarantine - a pain for the animal, and only a few hotels take pets on - often fall for it specially costs. And much more! Besides, you're 15 - soon finish school and then changes a lot in your life. You'll do or study an education - who cares at this time to the animal. Too long to be alone for the dog not beautiful, and when you meet with friends ... you'll love the dog also can not take as the disco. your parents, would you care for him?

When buying there to remember much. That you have extensively with your parents discuss.

Hello Anonymous,

I can understand you well. I wanted in childhood and adolescence also always a large animal (cat or dog) and an aquarium, but could "only" have mice. In retrospect, I'm with my parents but in this respect satisfied.

I went to study in another city and as such an animal and not even an aquarium would with confidence. I then enjoyed in the years 20ger my freedom, traveled a lot and abroad and would not at all be able to look after well.

A dog is a responsibility for many years and in your life will change in the next few years much of what is still not at all to predict.

I moved more than 30 into his own house and now have cat and aquarium and you can both fully enjoy. For me, it was worth waiting for I geniese it now more so.

LG, Hourriyah

We are unable to because not help ... But you have when you think about money mainly to control the vet think ... Our dog had then suddenly a heavy crane illness and we had hinblätern almost € 5,000 for medication ... and dog tax and hundeaustattung as leash, collar, etc. Pet Are the least you have to spend money on LG Fruzzi

well your parents I say leaves because we can help you little but I think that you as a tax so what is what you have to pay in the long time and you might just get it bags money not you afford permanently can

If your parents do not want to have you pitch. Alone you can never ever a dog finance or time requirements.

a dog needs more than 3 times a day gassi go And costs a month easy € 150 without intervening events. Even if you have a second job, but you have enough money vkt no time.

If your parents say no, you can probably do nothing .. Wait until you have your own home then you can bring you a :)

No, we can not you create that dog.

And it's not good to try to persuade your parents to get a dog.

You buy a living animal only when the whole family is ready to take a dog for life as a family member.

You are students (in) and your interests will change in the coming years, then you will not have time enough to devote yourself entirely to the dog.

Wait until you're undressed and have backed up as far as financially until you can say "now I treat myself to something" ^^

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