Ibuprofen very harmful?

Hi ... have migraine, unfortunately in recent times quite often. Always Open ibuprofen juice that helps very well. Aspirin or Thomapyrin help nothing.

Now my question: Is Ibuprofen very harmful? I suppose once almost every week juice.

The best answer

I am altenpflegerin, we have to get residents daily ibu! I think if it would be too dangerous, it would be taken off the market! Nevertheless, painkillers are not good in the long run, to which the body used to it. Better to have too much than too little to go to the doctor!

Otherwise, you'll take ibu, for me it helps only!

I had chronic migraine attacks with up to 2 times / week to drug-induced Kopfscchmerzen. For me then Saroten helped, which is an antidepressant, but since then I have 1-2 in migraine in a form that it is sometimes very tolerable. I'll then einenTag break and taking a headache remedy, that's enough. But that's my story, is different for each. Go to a neurologist and let Set up an appropriate treatment. Beta-blockers may also help.

If you capture it on a regular basis then it can also damage the kidneys! Go definitely to the doctor and tell your problems! Migraines can you differently and treat better. The will you then prescribe a transitional drug and refer you to a neurologist because you get just difficult Schedules why should your first road on Monday go directly to the doctor.

Get well :)

Well, health is not a chemical in the body, but as long as you do not also take other Medis, your consumption of ibuprofen is safe even in the green zone

It may result from the frequent taking a so-called. Drugs headache Set! You should let you by neurologists prescribe an appropriate medication. Against migraine triptans help - he'll prescribe a suitable triptan, after a thorough investigation.

Triptans help only in migraine, not in normal headaches.

a very good migraine drug Maxalt

discuss with your doctor yourself!

ibuprofen also has (Read leaflet!) side effects

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