Ideal exercise environment during dog training - what about?

Hi, I once again ne question: What is the ideal environment in the dog training from? When should I change it? How about at the beginning, "in the middle" and "end" of? LG and Thanks

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The ideal practice environment consists of any material mass, such as prevail in a meadow or a fenced area but is it primarily from an area where neither pressure, coercion or violence.

It should consist of trust and confidence and from ideal learning conditions, ie absolute stress and anxiety free.

As for the scene so I would start with any exercise in a low-stimulus environment to train, to own to places such as the own 4 walls mostly it is because of the dog's lovely poorest.

Regarding the increase in the practice environment so it varies from dog to dog and decides the dog.

For example, shows a certain dog uncertainties over runners, cyclists and playing children, so is a practice field in medium strength to this dog certainly none where you will find all 3 stimuli at once, that would be this dog rather then the level should come last.

For a dog but as is hunting motivated and as times nothing has with cyclists, joggers and children playing on the hat for that would be probably the average practice field and but the meadow with several rabbits or the forest area rather then the stage should be at the end.

So you can all of course not completely specify what the locality concerned but you can specify that the circumstances should give up without these things like pressure, force and violence.


the komtm depends on what you want to practice. drive train practicing rather less in the living room ... If we start from the current commands, would be at the beginning a familiar, sexy poor place ideal. For example, the four walls, the own garden, etc. With "settled" Dog walking safely on the Hupla the quiet hour. "In the middle" I see the everyday life, so a "seat" on the road or when company comes. At the end is sort of high live in cans, the favorite toy is flying, the hare jumps up, the sausage piece is passed, the favorite sidekick rages with, and the "Sitting" sits ^^.

Something similar is synonymous with the habituation to environmental stimuli. At the beginning a short walk without incident is exciting, in the middle of the meeting with dog buddies, and smaller groups of people, and at the end of the dog's relaxed about the Hamburger Bahnhof or via the marketplace (ideally)

Initially, a puppy, you practice at home.

It makes him gradually get to know everything, noise, people, cars, machines, etc.

Then you practice towline in the field.

Then you practice free following.

Then one makes the Begleithundeprüfung.

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