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Hi, wanted to know: What is the ideal daily routine for a dog from? How much sleep as much training as much cuddling, etc. As I designed the walks interesting except Leckerlie etc.?


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The ideal daily routine is the dog dependent. Some need except walks also Staff tions like eg track or agility. Depending on the age a dog must also often out (puppy / young dog or old dog).

And cuddle, too, is different. There are dogs who love to cuddle other rather not.

I had 3 dogs until recently. My old lady did not want to cuddle - not with me - only with the other dogs or cats.

My dog ​​and my young bitch love cuddling and can then also quite times be two hours in the evening.

My two find it especially great to run with other dogs and so I try noon 1-2 hours with other running. Overall, they come out 4 times.

Walks I did not try. Except that I look just that we often run with other various dogs and see their buddies often. I run alone, then I run with them, "fighting" sometimes with them. Much more does not go with my. In my previous dog I did track - ie ball hidden and let him search - makes Hundi tired. And I run every day somewhere else - every 6-7 days it is again the same area. Dogs find different areas great - then there are plenty sniffing.

Feeding times there with us no. My only get once daily feed and the very different lives ranging from 18 and 24 o'clock, so they are not conditioned to the times.

I undertake a lot with my dogs. Visit either friends who have dogs or go sometimes in a wildlife park or visit the family of my Rüdens because the breeder lives only 30 minutes away from us, and when you live the mom, sister, brother and two nieces. When we get there, blooming on my dogs. The race then really rum 5 hours together and cuddle after 2 hours. The next day, my so broken that I go out very little.

but I also do things that find my dog ​​not great, but they make you tired as eg even walk into town, go with them in a shopping center, etc. You need to learn this and join again to exercise.

Hi come on the dog;) Not everyone ticking equal and not everyone has the same energy level ..... maybe you tell us times which dog is meant? :)

Have yourself 2 hybrids, a little bitch (about 10 years old, 4kg) her perfect day turns out so: morning beautiful slept in peace with breaks Gassigehen, then there food and then to afternoon, afternoon goes out again for 1-2 hours as we play, look for other doggies to gamble or take a stroll along the canal. At home, she then goes back to sleep until evening, then she wakes we play in the apartment (or Leckerliesuchen Trickdogging), walk the dog, then there food and then slept again;)

My dog ​​(about 2 years young, 16kg, neutered) makes the same program as our little with, except that we do with him extra rounds the turn active, ie by floor, stone, mud and hills go. We quite like trailen, because I let my friend do, hiding in a wasteland and I run with Google then afterwards. Also Cycling is popular and he has to work. My friend is by its MS very gear unsafe and Google helps him to run safer by quasi pulls on the leash has (with Harness) and so ensures that my friend to hold something, he goes with the dog to stand, etc ...

Must also clear we have 2 former street dogs that another energy level than other normal dogs from breeders, because they actually had a few tasks on the road, looking for food and resources saving (ie much sleep) there was attached to write. A dog from the breeder never had to go looking for food or cancel his strength for survival on the street. My dog ​​knew example games ever not, also have a long time to show her that makes fun.

Is different depending dog.

Some may not cuddle, then you have to weigh.

In a healthy dog ​​should at least 2 hours per day walking the dog be inside. Top everything is of course open depending on physical fitness.

go While the Gassi, you can create tracks and let him search them, or even Dummytraining looks good. ZOS also like many dogs like. Or just drop by ball or Frisbee or similar, depending on what your dog is.

The dog should it sometimes may run, whether free or on the towline ..

We go in the morning before work usually 1 hour, then it comes with the job. Is there in her bed. The lunch includes her fully. We go into the woods and do something with the dummy or drive sometimes with skates somewhere long. After work we'll go home, where there is usually a little nose work or sometimes just a Zerrspiel.

Thereafter often cuddled on the couch. A short round before going to bed.

Find the for my dog ​​okay, where they would certainly also appreciate more movement. It is probably a Podenco mix and with her nothing goes ^^ over running.

As the ideal daily routine for the dog looks like?

  • get up in the morning
  • then walk the dog
  • play with the dog lady next door
  • home then only once a nice dog food
  • then rest once
  • then play extensively with owner
  • now time for lunch
  • after a relaxing nap
  • afternoon walk the dog again
  • thereby again make the dog lady next door
  • home then comfortably are the TV
  • then dinner
  • and then - sleep!
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