ideas for an extraordinary birthday party

I soon my 14th birthday and wanted to do something with my girls but I pool or cinema find a bit boring and I prefer to do something extraordinary, I've been thinking such loopybälle to rent and I wanted to ask you if you have knowledge about you out where you can rent and how much something will cost perhaps you have as well as other cool ideas many thanks already in advance

The best answer

Look here:

Otherwise, it depends on what you like so, look:

How about this one:

- Disco Party

- Theme Party

- Cookout

- Back Party

- Cooking Party

- Makeup Party

- Covering Party

- Bowling

- bowling

- Mini Golf

- Scavenger hunt

- Movie night

- Karaoke

- Etc.

LG Pummelweib :-)

If you do not so many people since that maybe you could also go to the Exit Game, provided that there somewhere near you.

With the loopybällen unfortunately I am not familiar. But you could also go into a recording studio (assuming you like to sing!) And then sing on two songs there. This has a friend of mine once made. Was extremely cool! Or you could also make a "photo shoot"! Seek out a photographer and then you make individual and group photos! This has also made a friend of mine. I think that's a good idea.

Cool idea with the loopybällen

here you can rent them lg

the with the loopybällen I've never heard, but sounds cool, I'm going to even notice: P

Otherwise, you could indeed play Lasertag go or in a climbing gym or -wald :)

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