Ideas for dog videos?

Hey guys. So I for one year a camera and I take photos and movies of my dog ​​so very happy. Recently, I had the idea, "I might come to create a Youtube video" And now a question for you what topic I should miteinbringen the Youtube video. but I want nothing to do with tricks or so. I ask for helpful answers !! Lg Jaqueline

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Very funny videos are in my opinion always when dogs looking for food, for example, that you have hidden somewhere, or else, if you throw sticks and the dogs afterwards shoot and bring the stick back again. Especially when you can take, for example, over a stream, still comes good action with the picture. I wish you success!

You could explain perhaps, how much waste and offal are in dog food in it (if you own the know already), or make a video of how your dog swim passes (if he likes water). Linked me the video wenns is ready (please).


that sounds funny but one probably you could play with your dog hide. You could for example put the camera in your room and let your dog wait before your door. The tut would, however, be inspired and you have to call her when thou art hidden. Is very funny ..

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