If a dog door for a puppy already sense?

My puppy is now 17 weeks old - and because it is very much in the garden and there gets her bone meal I have a dog door that (except at night) is always open. Now my question is - is sufficient free "choice" out or purely for the puppies already sense? Or it may be because I am putting a little too independent dog?

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The idea with the dog door I find class ... And your dog will catch on quickly as the door closer works ... Have you made the thing also to take it? With us it was thought at the time for the GSS, but even the Dachshund could it then ...

But please note: you have to leave your garden and see if the garden is escape proof everywhere everyday! Remember - dogs are inventive ... dig it, climb and do not have a lot of nonsense in mind.

By 17 weeks your dog learns very well - but honestly: a ZUVIEL of independence really can not give it ...

I do not think the dog would thereby amount of space. However, I do not know whether such a good bond is created, if it is almost entirely outside alone. In addition, you must keep in mind that the dog is still growing and therefore you should buy a bigger dog flap. Otherwise, I find the idea with the dog flap actually quite good. Then the dog can, after all, freely moving (indoors and outdoors)

However, your plot should be fenced. not the small runs away yet :)

Moin, friesennarr! :-)

Yes, an open door dog is a puppy already sense ... There is, in my opinion, not too much. A dog is an extremely adaptable creatures ... my dog ​​I have held, particularly in the first few months, only in the garden. For he should not climb stairs.

Only in the autumn we moved to the floor. Ok, he was then initially no stairs, another story ;-)

You know it, dogs are pack animals, he'll prefer company. Your options are but ideally, they use ... In this sense, we hope for nice days, which open into a long summer :-)

Have fun wishes and with your puppy


I think it's not a good idea ... After all, the dog then do what he wants .. He will also at some point no longer fit through .. If you do not make it bigger, we should he feel imprisoned

I am personally of the opinion if a dog anschafft dictates that you need then no flap for the dog, you should min 3-4 times go with him and 2 long round. And you can a dog indeed Without flap can in the garden. In any event sufficient movement on asphalt is very important, if only for the claws of the animal. And it has indeed the likely brought, so you have a good friend iwann, & you can walk a lot and if the connection between you and the dog is when he can decide everything myself so much, I do not know. Maybe he takes you then iwann not so serious when he's older. BUT basically you've got to know yourself, I have now told you meinr opinion :)

What is a dog door? There is not a cat. A dog needs 3-4 times a day right walking and required.

By so ne door not only own animals come into the house.

I let out the dog as needed.

It's alright.

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