If a dog school necessary?

Hi, my wife and I consider buying a dog. However, we would like to inform us in advance to education and the right attitude. Would you recommend a regular visit to a dog training school?

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So if it is the first dog and you have no experience, I would have recommended a dog school.

But beware, not every dog ​​school is a good dog school.

Particularly in the puppy group can be seen whether the coach is appropriate or not. In many dogs schools namely the puppies are simply let loose on each other to play. And that is fundamentally wrong. A good dog trainer observed the dogs exactly looks on their character. If a puppy is constantly harassed by others, the coach intervenes. And it also shows the owner.

I was not with my first dog in a dog obedience school. She was a soul of dog when it came to people. But at other dogs she's freaked. And that was my fault, I did everything wrong, what could go wrong. But I did not know better.

Fortunately we still get the curve, because I had met an acquaintance who Bernese Mountain Dogs bred. Through them I have come to a good obedience school.

I go today still to dog school, although I no longer need for pure Eriehung. Even my dogs no longer need to sozialn contact with dogs. I namely 6 dogs. But we have just re-2 puppy. And so they not only act in the pack, but to learn, so I'm going back in the puppy group also strange dogs know. In addition, I take turns with a Althund from me. This makes my trainer. Because of adult dogs learn the puppies.

And my Oscar, a four-year German shorthair male Labrador is already grown in a pack, is therefore very social. He is now and then used for educational measures. for example, if a young, boorish male is wild and disobedient. then my Oscar arrives with his peace of mind into play. If the bully does not spurt, Oskar know him in his place. Quick one can see how calm and arranged the bully is then.

Well applicable not since you remember. Seeking you out a good dog school. Go there and look at you, like dogs are trained there. Absolute no-go is of course violence. What also must not happen is a Schnautzgriff, or throw on the back of suppressing the dog. These are old methods to dominate the dog.

Well and why do you not even then goes to meet with different dogs .... Large, small, literate, or even not walk .... to go, while providing experience on different types of behavior and in a shelter close to your location at the nurses inform what type dog for you out of the question. Maybe sitting there also quite a mad dog that is best suited for you. In a dog school you can go but still, even with an adult dog.

If it is the first dog, then you should definitely read in previously via the Internet and various books very well. A good dog training is recommended at the first dog too much. Unfortunately, these have now become very rare.

If you ever have himself sufficiently later experience and the third or fourth dog, then you can do without the dog school. Of course, under the prerequisite that the dog also otherwise regular contact to other dogs and can play with them and race.

In any case you should join the puppy group. When our dog school the puppies are sorted by size into different groups because the risk of injury is too great for smaller dogs. You should you view the previously under consideration dog school - without a dog -. Many dogs schools, it is so that you get a free trial lesson to see how your dog in the group responds.

Definitely. This makes it easier to you and the dog. First of all I would do a test (can be found on the web) which dog would suit you and your wife.

If no prior knowledge or strong gaps exists in respect of education, then I advise you to visit. However, this need not necessarily be regular.

For socializing a puppy, it is however quite reasonable.

We have our dog from the shelter because she was already 2 years old. For dog school we went, after I had to realize that I had of real education is not yet so much about how I thought then (although I grew up with dogs). We had at that time, however, always puppies and not Main. Road dog who has had his own head. So we brought suggestions and tips on a regular basis we go there but not back. Meanwhile, it works quite well.

I can advise you to a non-violent dog school which places great emphasis on the binding and little value to treat. So we drive and acquaintances at best.

In any case ! But you already do not have to learn the dog at home what he should and should. Also sometimes light on paw when what should not. You should also make sure that the dog at the start is not too old. The younger the better learning. Partly education.

Visiting a dog school is very useful, because there the right way to deal with the dog is taught.

I find a (good) dog school is already important. Both for us humans as well as dogs. You learn from the other dog owners and the puppies learn social behavior and patterns of behavior very specific circumstances associate. And it also makes a lot of fun, if you can learn along with Several. You get to know like-minded people can gather and exchange experiences, possibly common Gassi round form, etc. There are numerous reasons to go to a dog school. The money is well spent prop.. ))

Read is a start, but is in clever books too much, which can and botch man also woman .. the dog which is timing critical, your charisma and your know a dog to read ... your dog constantly checks the environment and above all you ... a professional accompaniment by ne puppy school is always useful .. as you then later the tips reacted, will notice you and especially your dog .. you reflect and you will soon notice if you're right ...

Yes. Vorallen if it is your first dog. Especially the puppy hour is important for puppies.

I am (4 and 6 years old) is still in the dog school, as it does with my two dogs them an awful lot of fun.

It is important that you find the right dog school. Unfortunately, there are far too many dogs and many schools are crap thereof.

I recommend it to you if it is the first dog because I made the mistake not to go back and now have the problems. Since always the rudel leader no matter how cute the dog looks when can do their ye have no problems later. performed together: hundeschule? YES!

Whether you regularly want to visit a dog school with your dog that you left to ... Much more important than the regularity is to find the right dog school is ...

This is often not easy.

It further helps if one responds and asks other dog owners - because then mouth-to-mouth something positive ...

Solles because a puppy will or want it a dog from a shelter / animal welfare to take you? Some shelters offer for the people in their care very inexpensive the Teinahme to even organized courses on ...

It depends on the dog and on its own expertise. A loss is never.

rather directly into a Hundesportverein.Dort there are just puppies and young dogs groups as in the Hundeschule.Allerdings for much less money. And it is equally proficient with Ernshaftigkeit.

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