If a guard dog mitgemischt?

Hi, I have noticed for a week that my mixed breed puppy (4 1/2 months), behaves a bit like a guard dog. When he sleeps, for example, and I mean proper deep sleep, then he hears outside someone passes. He then barks this deep adult barking, we think we have an adult dog instead of a puppy at home. He also observed VERY MUCH. If passers-by walk past then he wants it once welcomed, then he sits down and looks after them in order to look after his whole environment: the passing current children, people 50 meters from us or just birds. He has a very keen eye and detects passers / dog owners with their dogs even from a considerable distance. What I have to "think" are, that is, he is very calm for a puppy, others are totally wild, my can always be like a "sack of potatoes" fall to the ground, and continue to monitor its surroundings. (Why did he nicknamed Kartoffelsack got from me: D) all say he would already rotten ... On the other hand I think it's good that he is "chilling", but it is annoying sometimes halt if one wants to walk normally with him. Is this a behavior of a guard dog?


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Well, yes you suspect that your dog could be a Schäferhundmix.

To determine which type of dog with mongrels then effectively comes in behavior to support wait yourself an = to Your dog also is spiritually mature.

The situation is not expected with about 2 to 3 years of life.

Behaviors are influenced by many environmental factors, so that the growth of puppies in the midst of livestock moreover with experienced guard dogs leads to a working guard dog = even if it Spaniel is a Tibet for example.

If you want to know more - the book Dogs: New findings about the origin, behavior and evolution of canids, Author: Ray & Lorna Coppinger, the influence of the environment is described on dog development.

You even so should the obligation Your puppy and young dog well get used to the environment = Socialize, meet particularly well. Because this decision very much about how your dog will develop in behavior.

A reliable differentiation of normal dogs of guard dogs is the "fear of strangers" This means that the HSH dog type in its direct living area "safe" ie territorial behaves as outdoors in neutral terrain. There tend to HSH "Fremdeln" what many acts as if the dog would be uncertain. Here, HSH take back to them strange terrain, the real owner of the site could even come ...

So I think any dog ​​owner who makes the experience his young puppy, sits down and looks during the walk through. For me it was always a sign that either the puppy exhausted, or uncertainty. I was often with my then 5-10 min around in the area because he wanted to run no more millimeters, then what was interesting what zBein motivated further him to walk past flying leaf or blade of grass, or people sleep the subject back to the time Dogs are known Wachchläfer ... say eyes are closed, but during sleeping, working ears and nose still wonderful. In my dream can and will by the rattle awake from your keyring my friend. You have no information about the race (which dog have evtl.mitgemischt) made or sent pictures of your Fellnase. There are dogs with guard drive the get way at every sound striking, something you can but by education, in which you can show your dog that he desired behavior is to show.

This is the behavior of a dog. Mine is 8 months and also had early ne deep, loud voice. He can also always pop up on the floor and has an early guarded house and yard. However, there is also a shepherd.

This makes pretty much every dog.

My dog ​​looks eternally behind people and in her is not a guard dog. She was totally quiet even as a puppy. All they thought would be old ...

Did you even a picture?

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