If a health insurance quote assumes that other funds must also take this course then

Make just a Qigong course and my checkout has this lady is not on their website and now denied a grant because it unfortunately does not possess all the qualifications. It is for example no Pysiotherapeutin. Where, however, more than two years Qigong learned. Another participant is in another register and from which it is taken. Now I've heard, if it accepts a need to also take over the other checkout. White as a communication?

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according to § 20 SGB V all health insurance should check the rates according to standard criteria.

If the grant is checkout decided correctly, the other lane should connect. If the first fund has wrongly decided, the other lane should not connect naturally. Each instructor has a relevant professional learning and have made a suitable training so that the course can be funded. A pure training alone is not enough.

The amount of the grants determined each lane independently of the other funds. The statutes of the fund is decisive for the level of grants.

If the instructor transmits their data to the CPP and is held there positively, many POS act accordingly.




Must not, the benefits of health insurance can vary even.

Such additional services are from checkout to checkout different.

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