If a person has an aura?

I once saw a documentary where it came that every living thing has an aura. What do you think? I can not imagine that we are like that have such an aura somehow.

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From reputable scientific perspective, there is no aura. The idea of ​​an aura can be found only in the esoteric.

What I do mind is that every person has a feel that we quickly perceive subconsciously other, but often can not immediately explain. For example, through our gestures, facial expressions and posture, by our smell, the voice and clothes. All that we take in others was often subconsciously, leaving us as someone is quick unappealing because its odor repels us, but we can not really understand that. In order to explain anyway, what's happening, we call it simply Aura and think it would be an invisible energy ominous.

Some people can see underwater ...

Supposedly everyone should have such an aura. The brighter it is, the better man. Angels have white auras. There are even charlatans who can see those auras ........ and unfortunately there is too much gullible people who fall for this crap and make these crooks a financially secure life

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