If an area is exposed wall on the landing rather nice or a no-go?

Due to water damage, I have to fast drying uncovered a range of 1,5qm and just braced by a pointed chisel the edges. I also just for fun some pictures hung in the area. The more I the area free brick wall looks to me more beautiful it affects me. Am I alone or is that generally "warm". Or that's "disgusting".

Can you give a sparkle bricks. If so, what?

thank you

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So last forming is all a matter of taste, it can be good or less good looking. Beautiful is what pleases and when it is walled orderly, why, brick can, like woodwork look very attractive not, maybe I can still make the by subtle lighting. If you like it, please let so on brush or paint over with white paint so that the Mauwerwerk remains visible, yes you can still do if it does not act and like. lg.

masonry was emphasized in the 80/90's total hit, not only in restaurants. It becomes difficult if it now goes with flowered wallpaper. Some light on the brick wall and pictures next to the wall, and photos are good, then you have a unique corridor. If furniture is planned, this should rather be simple, originally.

can the Brush with wall primer or with linseed oil varnish.

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