If even so rushed in the US against Muslims as in the Switzerland / Germany?

At the moment it looks so daily in the news headlines on any or against Muslims. I have the feeling it is rushed against them. Anyway, I have in fb in the comments to this over such a story read a comment by a young man of my: resistant to these agitated against Muslims that we owe only de n USA. Now my question: how it is in the US? Did the news constantly things about Muslims? Or what is where the 'problem-the nation? I do not want to provoke with this question really or anything, but I take it as wonderful in the US looks. Perhaps yes jmd reply of the American news sees or reads, or jmd YOU to the country, thanks in advance :-)

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In my experience it's more the case that Muslims agitating against Christians.

I do not have the impression that Switzerland is in Germany / incitement against Muslims. On the contrary, it is being taken pains to media to report politically correct.

If scrutinize and criticize baiting means then is rushed in any democratic state against Islam.


But you can read what you are interested in even the American media?

H ere it calls may nuur to irritation and agitation on!

Look here....

http: //www.20min.ch/panorama/news/story/So-schoen-kann-Zivilcourage-sein-1898911 ...

According to statistics from the FBI , there were in the US in 2013, more than 160 violent attacks on Muslims.

No, are much tolleranter in people in the US.

The immigrant and integrated long ago ethnicities US identify themselves increasingly culturally liberal citizens of the States, after desegregation 50 years ago.

Only after the attacks in New York and Boston, the criticism of radical Islam is increasingly louder.

Your question goes rather depend on the reasons for criticism of Islam. The terrorist facts speak for themselves, because in Islam there can be no peace as long as there are unskilled and other faiths.

Against them rushing the Islamists by any means, whether in the United States, in Switzerland or in Germany ..

Apparently yes:

http: //www.spiegel.de/kultur/gesellschaft/islam-medien-berichten-laut-studie-mei ...

I think you look at the reports about Islam in Germany and Switzerland, but influenced very one-sided. Most will namely not "rushed" about Islam, but only reported critical. but it is "Islam" itself to blame, because it delivers daily new reasons to think about to report, criticize and condemn human.

I'm sure otherwise it will not be in the United States.

If Muslims want to change anything, they would finally their "black sheep" in the ranks rename itself also criticize and accept the "canvas".

When viewed as behavior as in Europe then yes.

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