If goods stuck in a candy machine, must be countered?

I find it quite annoying one is to go thirsty and nothing near except an automaton. Most of the time is not enough fals something else is near. but everyone knows determined that supposedly paid would be stuck, goods = paid my property. then may I my property with mild violence try to get out? (Without damaging the machine) is really annoying

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then may I my property with mild violence try to get out?

No, you must not. In the event of a disturbance has to inform the service department and make claim to the goods subject.

In theory at least, I do not know anyone who does not look in such cases for a remedy. However, one should proceed with caution ...

The value of goods from vending machines is usually so low that the cost over the service hardly seems worthwhile, and the risk for. Instance, property damage fortiori.

Just because you paid for the goods legally speaking not your property. That is only if you have taken them out of the machine. Before you have only purchased a right to transfer ownership of the goods. But you can still try it a little shake. If that does not work, the number of the machine to call.

Come out anything, then call the number from the vending machine on.

Otherwise jolt it out vigorously!

I suppose rather that then you have bad luck ..

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