If I eat too much or exactly richtiig, Vegann?

Hello everyone, I am for about three weeks Vegan I'm also very well with it, but I have noticed that I almost jedentag stand in the kitchen and vegetable together human nipples must and something cooking. When I have "normal" nourishes me always ate what came quickly in my way or what was cooked. And somehow I feel that I too eat ... For example today: Breakfast: - Smoothie: apple, banana, kiwi, raspberries Lunch: - broccoli - cabbage - Homemade vegetarian potato salad with spring onion snack: - 2 slices vitamin bread with humus and vegan spreads, peanut butter. On the slices of bread were lettuce and carrot on it - 2 carrots - raspberries pureed dinner - rice with curry and onion, garlic and peas in a pan - selbstegemachte Falafel humus

That was, for example, what I ate all day, I do not feel bloated or full myself actually right. But I really want to lose weight and have a feeling I eat too much. What do you all mean?

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Hello! It's just the way that you have to first gain experience and you get used to the new system. Then you're on the right track. Vegans simply eat less harmful products. The chances to get a high cholesterol or high blood pressure (which may be the cause of many secondary diseases) are easily lowered. This finding also supported a study by Harvard University from 2012. This means that even if one knows not particularly easy decreases in vegetarians a chance with their food to consume "harmful" products / receive. And vegan, it is also easier to reduce fat. I wish you a lovely Easter Monday

You now have mainly eaten WHAT you ate, but with the amount of information you were very vague. Sounds to me but overall not like much.

But if you're tired you do not feel crammed that's great what you eat and of varied and healthy is really good. If you do a bit of sport every day you can still eat more or take content from

I think it's really good and healthy what you eat .. just my opinion :) mach still sport this because to abznehmen yes you have more burn than you eat :) oh yeah and I think you mean only that you eat a lot because you so much fruit eating. but fruit has hardly kcal and is healthy sau continue so :)

Is it exactly right. For a vegan diet is varied very important and that's the case with you. Do a bit of sport and it will come with the dream figure

Because thou hast not have any quantitative data, it may have been exactly the amount that you need.

Or too much or too little.

That sounds relatively healthy, and that's the most important. Therefore it kannste also eat more than of Mecces: D However, you should have a caloric deficit of 300-500 have, then you take in any case with time :) If you are always a bit Reduzierst, but you'll soon no longer have so much desire for more, so I have at least seen: D

Hi, this is because your body is still the best "stuff, - filling and blowing agent" of substandard food - by tierliche "products" and finished stuff - usual is ... Take your time, which is already ... Respect before your decision! :)

Greeting, Elsie

That sounds exactly right and never too much.

Ne is not too much. I think it is beautiful with the cooking and snip itself. Homemade tastes better and is healthier!

It can be thick and of a vegan diet. Who says that will make lean? These amounts you have to still be over tired.

Let's see:

Smoothie ~ 290kcal;

Lunch ~ 590

Snack: ~ 660

Dinner ~~ 600

= 1940

That now seems not so much to be. I have estimated the values ​​together with fddb, but perhaps I've also missed somewhere. As vegans should mind. 2500kcal eat. Many take up to 4000 to when they also play sports. Just look at the YouTuber "Raw Power". Maybe you'll get oriented to the Food Diaries

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